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What is it about those tasks that make them not want to do them? Help your children make a list of a couple of things they've been avoiding doing. Actually, if it's easier, just wait until tomorrow to make the list. Do it with them now! For each item on their list, ask them to think about some consequences of waiting to accomplish the task. These will obviously vary by task, but they could include things such as too little time to complete the task, poor quality due to rushing to meet a deadline, extra time required to complete a bigger, more difficult task, etc.

A stitch in time saves nine

Many children tend to procrastinate, putting off this unpleasant task until it becomes a real chore that takes up a lot of time. Explain to them that doing a little bit of cleaning every day, though, keeps their room clean all the time and saves them from spending hours on a Saturday when they could be outside instead.

Hopefully, making a list and discussing it with your children will help them see that there are good reasons for doing things sooner rather than later. The etymology of this phrase comes from the practice of mending a small tear in cloth before it becomes a larger one. So the significance of both the stick and the nine is this: 1 stitch now prevents 9 stitches later.

She was my google! Thank you for sharing this awesome connection, Terri!!

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It sounds like your grandmother had a lot of wisdom!! Brilliant description, been wondering for ages what the stitch and nine meant. Thank you. BTW fab site man! Welcome, Ramesh! We appreciate the KIND words. We're glad you liked this Wonder and are having fun exploring Wonderopolis. This is an archaic phrase that is based on the poem of Havamal in the sense that if the spear was used instead of the noose or impaling by crucifixion the "Dying Go" would need not suffer so long see also; Here is the Celtic form; I know that I hung on a windy tree Nine long nights, Wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin, Myself to myself, On that tree of which no man knows From where its roots run.

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Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. What is procrastination? Winter is here and the sun-less hours are shivering cold. Yet there are puppies everywhere.

A stitch in time saves nine - English Proverb

Down the Ring Road from my house, there are at least four young mothers with litters, a total of thirty puppies. And the list goes on. Shelters are generally not the right place for puppies. They lack the resources for the intensive care puppies need and often get infected with diseases such as parvo or distemper, which can kill a puppy overnight.

Puppies need to be supported on the street but is it possible when they live next to a busy road or in a neighbourhood that wants to get rid of them?

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Over the past two decades, thousands of puppies have gone through my care and all of them were unique, with their own looks, character, likes and dislikes. Yet in reality, mixed breed puppies tend to be regarded as dispensable objects. Over the past years we have seen two trends.

The first is a growing obsession with foreign breeds.

The meaning and origin of the expression: A stitch in time saves nine

The Nepali mixed breed has literally become worthless. Ironically some traders do understand the value of a handsome Nepali dog. This shows the futility of the dog breed debate. First recorded in as 'a stitch in time may save nine,' it is later found in as the more confident 'a stitch in time saves nine'.

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It comes from the literal meaning that sewing one stitch is easier than sewing nine stitches. Idiom A stitch in time saves nine. Meaning Doing something now will prevent more work later when the problem becomes worse.

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Origin Sewing up a small hole when you see it will prevent more sewing later saves nine stitches. A stitch in time saves nine!

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