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I saw people hiding the book's cover behind other books on the subway. I myself took the book out from the library and read it during college orientation. Still, E. Yet, with Fifty Shades of Grey, that's exactly what happened. The book encouraged people to be swept away into an erotic world that was partly composed by their own imagination. But James' trilogy is far from the only erotic literature worth reading. With their stunning language and creative premises, each of these books will stretch your conception of sensuality and sexuality.

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to go viral? Words: 27, Published: September 10, The Dancer 21, Words is a story about a young college girl who is working her way through college by dancing at The Fox's Den, a gentlemen's club in Las Vegas.

What could possibly go wrong? Only that her mother learned of her new job stripping and was convinced that she was also hooking. What's a mother to do, so she crashes into the bosses' office in full on crazy lady attack mode. Words: 16, Published: August 29, Foxy and Larry attend a pool party hosted by a couple of swingers they know.

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While at the party they meet a new couple, Mike and Cindy. While getting to know them, they introduce the husband to the hotwife pool hostess, leaving them to take care of his wife. After a hot and steamy threesome, they take Cindy back to their house for more fun. Words: 30, Published: March 19, Cuckolding: My Wife Is A Porn Star 24, Words is a kinky story about a guy, who comes home to an empty house as his wife is out partying with the girls. Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some porn on his computer, he grabs a beer and picks out a new video to watch that looks pretty hot but realizes one of the girls is his wife and the other girl is his best friends wife.

Words: 54, Published: December 22, A young man, down on his luck, is hired by the owner of a strip club to drive their newest advertising gimmick, a truck with a large plastic box on the back, complete with strippers and a pole. He ends up with a stripper as his girlfriend and is thrown into a world of swingers, group sex, erotic dancers, cuckolding, lesbian, and perverted sexual acts that he had only previously dreamed of.

Price: Free! Words: 14, Published: September 9, Later shopping for a sexy dress, they meet a couple of swingers, who initiate them into the swinging lifestyle. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series of how Cynthia and Francis are introduced into swinging by veteran swingers, Foxy and Larry. Words: 53, Language: American English. Published: August 24, A graphic tale about a 40 year old housewife, who is seduced by her next door neighbor, and turned out as a hotwife with her cuckold husband, who is too little to take care of her needs.

Tina and her sexpot neighbor Gretchen become caught up in a world of non-stop sex as she samples everything she finds including the girls. Published: June 8, Cuckolding: A Night At the Bar 24, Words Tina, a 40ish hotwife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn't measure up.

This MILF trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need and makes her husband clean up the mess.

Then she takes care of a soccer team while her husband watches. Words: 62, Published: March 1, First she is picked up by an exotic dancer and the airport then quickly becomes involved with her boss and the owners of a strip club. Story includes oral, anal, lesbian, group sex, and BDSM. Words: 37, Published: January 18, The Runaway 34, Words Foxy and Larry, two swingers, pickup a stranded girl on the side of the road and take her home to try and help her just before Christmas. Initially their motives were simply to try and help her but rapidly the homeless girl becomes infatuated with the couple and their lifestyle.

Their mission of mercy now turns to debauchery as they invite her into their home and family. Words: 13, Published: December 13, A swinger couple and their girlfriends have a chance encounter with Santa Claus while getting ready for a Christmas swing party. Santa drops in by accident at the wrong house and finds three beautiful naked girls trimming the Christmas Tree.

Rainbow Party

Words: 11, Published: September 1, Tim wakes up after his first college kegger with a beautiful girl in bed with him and no memory of how she got there. He quickly shakes off his hangover to put the moves on this girl only to find out that she's hornier than he is. As she rides him, his apartment door bursts open and in charges her MILF mom. Mom quickly cools down and becomes interested when she sees the package he has.

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Published: August 26, Swingers take a cum obsessed slut girlfriend to an adult theater with glory holes so she can take on strangers through a hole in the wall. They pick up a straight couple and even get the cashier to join them for hard core non-stop action. While their girlfriend services the guys through the hole, the swingers take on the new couple and the cashier.

Published January 6, Published March 29, Gail Roarke Latest book: Rematch.

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Published May 15, Follow them on Twitter: gailroarke. Visit their website. Published October 27, View their blog.

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Published January 14, Follow them on Twitter: pattyannspenser. Published February 17, Follow them on Twitter: rushmorejudd. The Price of Fame on May 13, A really good read and I recommend it to those who like stories in the father daughter vein. Milton, the father, is recently widowed with a 18 year old daughter, who is a senior in high school. On the rebound from losing his beloved wife, he marries a coworker within a few months of losing his wife.

While trying to deal with his daughter, Milton gets her into modeling to try and get her away from her boyfriend but the modeling ends up with his daughter becoming a porn star. Milton is torn between being a good father and one who is infatuated with his sexy young daughter. The story has some interesting twists to it and I'd highly recommend it as an erotic read. Larry Archer Rainbow Party on May 13, I found "Rainbow Party" to be a good quick read about high school kids who attend a rainbow party where the object is have each girl put on different color lipstick and then give suck each boy's dick leaving a colored ring around his cock.

Not terribly hard core but an erotic story well worth your time. Jennifer Needs a Job on June 21, Nice short story about a young girl, Jennifer, who is fresh out of high school and now her mother wants her to get a job and pay rent. Jennifer is mad at her mother and in her anger locks herself out of the apartment, with just a sleep shorts set on. Not willing to ask her mother to let her back into the apartment, she decides to ask the black guy next door for help.

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She shows up at his door wearing her skimpy t-shirt and shorts and like any horny guy, he lets her in. But her hopes of having him just give her the money fade as she discovers that she's going to have to trade favors for money. The story includes steamy scenes as Jennifer is forced to satisfy him to get the rent money.

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Coming in Costume on Oct. The story revolves around Isabella whose Dom husband shares her with his best friend James in an erotic filled romp starting at a Halloween Party. The story is written from the sub's point of view and is delicious in its treatment of pain. From the very beginning, Isabella has her nipples and clit tightly clamped, which keeps her right on the edge of a climax, simmering without relief.

Because as we all know our slaves are not allowed to come without permission.