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This series tackles modern plights of high schoolers— cyberbullying, slut shaming, blackmail—that are just as terrifying as a serial killer on the loose. Characters are decapitated, hung, cut up, every disgusting thing you can think of. But it usually happens off-camera. Despite these minor pitfalls, which perhaps just add to the humor of the show, Scream is a binge-worthy series filled with backstabbing from both the killer and the so-called friends. Gone are the airy filler episodes of overlong seasons; gone are any nonsensical backslides in character development meant to keep the story from burning itself out ahead of broadcast schedule.

What does that leave behind? Plus the killer soundtrack. The Rain. Plus, watching this story play out in a non-North American, non-English speaking country is engaging for its novelty. All of this, remarkably watchable. The Society. The Society gives its modern, engaged audience a co-ed spread of hormonal high schoolers, left behind by a fleet of school buses that returning from an aborted end-of-year camping trip drop them off in the middle of the night in an empty, uncanny double of their idyllic New England hometown. They discover the next day that not only are all satellite and internet connections to the outer world gone, but that all roads out of town end abruptly in impenetrable forest.

Attack on Titan. Creators: Yasuko Kobayashi, Tetsur? Titans have one instinct: eat people. And boy, do they. The Originals. Thankfully, The Originals falls firmly into the former camp and is actually a case in which the child has exceeded the achievements of the parent. As fun and compelling as the characters and stories on The Vampire Diaries are, that show took a little too long to really get going and was in a more limiting setting, especially in the first few seasons.

The sequel, however, launched with fully-formed characters with a mythology established by the parent show , unfettered by geometry class or the constraints of a small town. Klaus Mikaelson Joseph Morgan is easily one of the most complex anti-heroes on TV and creator Julie Plec is unafraid to poke around in the heads of any character, even killing a few.

Plec has expanded on the world she helped create in The Vampire Diaries , giving her characters more room to grow emotionally and significantly more intricate challenges to face. The politics of The Originals is just as fascinating as the supernatural elements and the show feels more fully-formed than The Vampire Diaries did early on. This one-season wonder is like diving into the candy bin on October 1st. When spooky spirits are at their peak, goth chic baker Christine McConnell and her gaggle of Henson-designed muppets help unleash the inner Hot Topic in all of us with her monstrous meals.

Well, meals if you, like me, only eat edible arrangements that look like they fell out of a Hammer horror film. The scripted comic bits linking these baking feats are just as endearingly offbeat as Elvira and Svengoolie hosting their own Food Network show, with murders and dinner dates supplementing the caramel arachnids. Wynonna Earp. Earpers rejoice! Vampires, demons, and the scariest thing of all, childbirth! Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Veronica Mars is the best way to describe this delightful drama.

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Liv Moore Rose McIver was a promising medical student until one bad night of partying turned her into a zombie. Consider as well that none of them stuck around for very long or made much of an impression. But Supernatural? Supernatural endured. Bates Motel. When telling the origins of a horror icon, a fine line must be walked. For one, you run the risk of losing the mystery that made the original characters so terrifying to begin with. Bates Motel , however, has created a backstory for Norman Bates Freddie Highmore that makes the psycho of Psycho sympathetic.

Still, Norman is always just a second away from behaving horrifically. By expanding on the Norman Bates story, Bates Motel has taken an iconic character and enriched him with a haunted history that makes him even more fascinating as we watch his descent into madness. Death Note. Creators: Tetsur? Thankfully much better than that feature film is the original series, which explores the terrible toxic power that Light Yagami claims as he enacts his own morality upon the world.

Penny Dreadful. Well, challenge accepted and conquered. Conceived by John Logan the award-winning screenwriter behind Gladiator , Hugo , Skyfall and Rango and executed with great finesse by pilot director J. Bayona the filmmaker behind the extraordinary horror-drama The Orphanage , the series is set in Victorian London and centers on a trio an explorer, a clairvoyant and a gunslinger who band together to slay monsters threatening their world. Boasting notable performances from the likes of Timothy Dalton, Josh Harnett and Rory Kinnear, the series managed to ground its outlandish premise in an emotional reality.

The true masterstroke, however, is unquestionable Eva Green as the clairvoyant Vanessa Ives. One of the most brilliant and gonzo actresses currently working today, Green attacks her first major TV role with great relish, and Logan and company certainly rise to the occasion in writing great material for her. Alternating between victim and victimizer, Vanessa firmly deserves to be spoken in the same breath as the likes of Walter White, Tony Soprano or Don Draper.

The Returned Les Revenants. Based on a sublimely creepy film of the same name, Les Revenants hones its focus on one small town in France where a gaggle of formerly dead people return, alive and… mostly well. Instead, the living and the undead are forced to try and figure out how to reckon with this strange turn of events, as well as the increasingly bizarre happenings that start occurring around town after the dead return.

Creator Fabrice Gobert does the right thing with this adaptation by simultaneously narrowing its focus and expanding the ideas behind the story over the course of its two seasons. It opened up a world of possibilities but he and his writers exercised remarkable restraint while also assuring viewers that they were going to see a story unlike any they had seen before. Santa Clarita Diet. The neighborhood is good, problems are at a minimum, and the middle-class living is all the American Dream promised.

You have to return to her several times as part of a series of quests. It's a refreshing subversion when you get to pal around with the monster for once. Psychonauts has the last leg of the game played in a fairly creepy abandoned mental hospital, which grew so big because the nearby Green Rocks emitted radiation that drove everyone in the nearby town of Shaky Claim insane, until more than half the town's population lived in the mental hospital.

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In the end, the building is demolished by Nikolai to cover up evidence of Umbrella's misdeeds. Resident Evil Outbreak features a level in another part of the same Raccoon City hospital, filled with leeches. Resident Evil Outbreak 2 has a different abandoned hospital, overrun by mutated plants and plant-zombies.

Silent Hill In the classic trilogy, there are Alchemilla Hospital in the first game and Brookhaven in the second. In Silent Hill 3 , you visit Brookhaven for a while, and in the church basement at the end of the game, things take a turn for the surreal, with parts of it being transformed into Alchemilla's interiors, due to Heather's memories as Alessa returning.

Alchemilla is a regular hospital, while Brookhaven is a mental unit. The fourth game involves a bizarre abstraction of a hospital seen through the lens of a terrified child. The rooms on the second floor are random in each playthrough. Silent Hill: Origins takes this a step further and makes a massive abandoned mental asylum, Cedar Grove Sanitarium, into the second "dungeon". If the rotting motif or floating harnesses didn't creep you out, then the pill puzzle did. And if it wasn't the pill puzzle, it was the final boss. Half-Life 2 : Episode 1 features an abandoned hospital. Though it isn't really used for horror, it's pretty creepy, especially once the headcrab zombies turn up.

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Valve have said that the hospital was based partly on Chernobyl. Deadly Premonition has a normal functioning hospital. However, in the "red world" , it looks very abandoned, but it's still inhabited by the shadows. Some of the player characters are former patients of it. Naturally, the default bot set was made of zombies.

Thief: Deadly Shadows has a positively terrifying level set in the "Shalebridge Cradle," an abandoned insane asylum as the name suggests, it was formerly an orphanage, and for a short while it was both. The treatment methods, described by expository letters, included lobotomies often by untrained surgeons , the "water cure" immobilization with wet bandages? The only people left were you and a few others. Oh, and the occasional zombie. The Blackstone Chronicles computer game was set a few years after the stories and has the main character, Oliver, hunting through the abandoned mental institution his father used to run in order to find his son.

Painkiller featured a level that took place in an abandoned asylum. The enemies consisted of guys wrapped in strait jackets constantly being electrocuted and undead amputees who you could also find waiting for you on the ceiling. This level is even more tense if the player opts to play it with the optional level condition - that is, only being able to use the game's melee weapon, the eponymous Painkiller. Fun fact: Part of the exterior facade of the Asylum level is based on an actual asylum, the Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts as mentioned in the Real Life folder on this page.

Doom 3 has plenty of this, even outside of the actual infirmaries and medical installations. There are several instances of 'medical specimens' in vats of liquid held up in the Delta Labs, and a portion of the place has an office wing converted to hold people that gradually became zombified, as explained in PDA logs; the feel of the location owes nothing to a bad sanitarium.

The first mission in Left 4 Dead involves the players seeking out a hospital with a helipad on the roof in order to get a lift out of the city. The only people left in the hospital are the Infected. Played with in that it's a very modern hospital that was only recently abandoned. Dead Space has you visit the Ishimura's Medical Deck.

ER Nurses Share Their Wildest Stories

It's grisly the first time, and even more sinister in the second thanks to the Unitologist motif. The Suffering features one of these levels as part of its nearly exhaustive tour of Horror Tropes. BioShock has the Medical Pavilion, which isn't quite abandoned. Siren: Blood Curse has a very frightening segment where you play a defenseless little girl in the Sagai Hospital where everyone else is a Shibito. City of Heroes has a late-level mission set in a dilapidated hospital The various Facemakers shops in City of Villains look exactly like this, down to a corpse in a body bag on the front porch, but the chain is an active and very busy concern.

One wonders why more villains don't suffer post-operative complications. Condemned 2: Bloodshot - After receiving a brick to the head from a gravel-voiced hobo with glowing eyes , protagonist Ethan Thomas enters a spooky evil world. As you proceed through this other world, you find yourself entering a decayed asylum, which slowly turns into a black sludge nightmare complete with black slime monsters popping out of the ceiling and walls to come and get you.

First Encounter Assault Recon has two of these, one of which apparently used to be a mental asylum. Like the rest of the game you find that most of the residents died suddenly and violently, leaving only battle damage and blood. It also turns out that the very first area you explore in the game was one of these, and was the place where the Point Man was born.

In the second game, the hospital isn't so much abandoned as it is very recently evacuated, with the recently-slain corpses of a lot of the staff and many patients lying around the halls, and the ones who killed them are still roaming the halls and looking for survivors. Urban Dead is full of abandoned hospitals which survivors try to hold onto for the first aid kits and the zombies try to raid for the brains.


Shin Megami Tensei : Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne starts out in one of these, but it's weird because you have two friends with you and there's lots of sunlight coming through the windows. Perhaps the creepy factor is increased by the fact that the hospital is home to an apocalyptic cult who sort of destroy the world within the first 5 minutes, that the hospital is empty except for you and your friends, who wait in the lobby and make you investigate the basement for them, and that after the pseudo-end of the world it turns into a flipped-around blue-tinted ghost-and-demon-filled alternate version of itself.

Oh, and later on you have to return. Not so scary anymore, is it? Till you meet the resident boss. Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment 's hospital is a tea party by comparison, but still unsettling. The blood trail ends at the killer's cell, which has been turned into a Room Full of Crazy.

The second half of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 's third dungeon takes place in a haunted hospital. The place is swarming with Super Mutants, Centaurs and skeletons. Plenty of other hospitals, both permanent and temporary, abandoned and manned, can be found throughout the series. Wolfenstein features a mission set in a hospital that, while not quite abandoned, fits the look quite well. See, it's been commandeered by the Nazis, and by the time you get there, the place has been ransacked, and most of the patients and staff have been either abducted to serve as test subjects for their sick medical experiments or eviscerated by the invisible, Ax-Crazy assassins that prowl the hallways.

One of the locations in Zork Nemesis is an abandoned insane asylum, which manages to place rusty brown and creepy right next to clinical white and creepy. Being a Zork game, it has its moments of hilarity, but with Nemesis being the Darker and Edgier installment of the series, it also has plenty of nightmare-inducing qualities as well. Episode two of Ju On : The Grudge Haunted House Simulator uses the trope name, although it would be more aptly called a deserted hospital. Still, some scares courtesy of Kayako and Toshio are on-hand. It actually manages to be a little creepy, considering the boss of the level is a cross between Alma Wade and the Witch who shows up repeatedly across the level.

Chapter 8 of darkSector takes place in one. American McGee's Alice has many levels designed to play on Alice's awareness that she is locked in a mental institution, especially the Mad Hatter's asylum where he carries out experiments on his patients. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness has two levels inside a sanitarium filled with genetically modified mutants in straight jackets.

The Half-Life 2 mod Korsakovia starts in a hospital of insane nightmare architecture. Batman: Arkham Asylum has an abandoned hospital ward, which happens to be home to your first encounter with Scarecrow. It's easily the scariest building on the island. Legacy : The Realm of Terror features an insane asylum on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately, while abandoned by any semblance of normal people if insane people can really be called normal , it is now happily inhabited by zombies and other mutant freaks. The Hanged Man takes place in an asylum-turned-homeless-shelter, which was abandoned after a murderous incident.

Saw , the video game based on the eponymous horror film series , takes place entirely within Whitehurst Asylum, an abandoned insane asylum. Well, mostly abandoned. The Godfather has an abandoned hospital The only people left inside are Don Corleone, a wounded mafia soldier and your love interest. And the window in the next room has just shattered Dead Nation has Marrow Hospital as a level. In Mass Effect 2 , Mordin's loyalty mission takes place in an abandoned krogan hospital. Complete with a Mad Scientist who is Playing with Syringes in order to try and cure the genophage.

The krogan being a warrior race with a built-in berserker mode, it's built more like an especially sturdy bomb shelter, but the effect is there. Chapter 2 of Super Meat Boy takes place in one. The PC game Sacra Terra: Angelic Night takes place in a massive complex that is part hospital, part cathedral, part mansion. The player character was a patient at the hospital, the specialty of which seems to have been extracting the Seven Deadly Sins from patients, but he has no memory of being admitted and he's the only living thing left in the compound. There are plenty of evil spirits, though Sanitarium begins in a creepy almost-empty asylum where some of the few inmates left are banging their head on the wall.

The sequel to Corpse Party , Dead Patient, is set in one these. Die2Nite often has a few of these scattered around the map. They are a great place to find bandages and medicine. Outlast is set in the Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane, an hospital that was shut down and abandoned in the seventies, then reopened in present day, then all the patients went nuts and killed the staff and each other. It's not really abandoned per se, but you'll wish it was, as there are dozens of dangerous patients still alive and prowling the place. I See You : The entire game takes place inside a hospital or perhaps a mental asylum.

The player never encounters another person throughout the game. In White Day: A Labyrinth Named School , Seong-Ah, one of the only students you'll encounter in the game, tells you that the school was originally an abandon hospital from an older wartime. The first mission of the map requires you to take out a Monolith squad setting camp over there. During the mission, originally you and your squad were to set up an ambush on the faction only to later discover that the fanatics outwit you with their own strategy and you and your four-man squad are forced into a defensive battle against their platoon-sized army.

As if that weren't enough, the leader of the fanatics emerges from the roof of the hospital and starts giving out a sermon to demoralize your squad while he starts slaughtering your allies one by one until you're left. The leader himself possesses a Gauss Rifle, and killing him first is your top priority. Once he's shot dead, he plummets to the second level and his rifle is up for your grabs, though you must finish off the remnants of his squad in order to advance. The Evil Within begins in Beacon Mental Hospital, after an incident that has left the majority of patients and staff dead.

The Asylum where you can save your progress and purchase upgrades looks like the nursing station at Beacon, but is blurry and monochromatic. In Alien: Isolation , the San Cristobal Medical Faculty is where the game truly picks up, as it's the first time the alien begins actively hunting Amanda. It's also where the woman who had the first chest burster in her come out, causing the events of the game to happen.

In Until Dawn , the Blackwood Pines Sanitarium, a former mental hospital which has been abandoned for decades, is clearly no longer in service, although the wendigos call it home. Undertale has the True Lab. Though it's an ad-hoc research facility rather than an established hospital, it still remains as the abandoned site of medical experiments Gone Horribly Wrong. It's got quite a few humanoid and not-so-humanoid monsters roaming the empty halls. Melt Downs in Two Point Hospital is exactly this, or at least when you first start playing it. The place is an absolute mess, with all sorts of debris and wrecked machinery being littered everywhere.

Considering its placement right next to a power plant, it was probably inevitable that something would go horribly wrong, despite all of the previous owner's claims saying everything was fine. After a research experiment backfired , they just left and abandoned it altogether, and you are the one to take over its remains and redesign it into a fully functioning hospital. While much of the town has slightly out of date buildings, most locations like the hospital are relatively modern.

The Town of Light is an Environmental Narrative Game that explores an asylum almost forty years after it was closed down in The decay is beautifully captured. Visual Novel. In the second chapter of G-Senjou no Maou , Maou hides in an abandoned hospital, along with the kidnapped Hiroaki.

Haru and Kyousuke manage to locate the hospital, but not before Hiroaki is safely returned to Tsubaki's family. The visual novel Night at the Hospital , in which the protagonist goes to save his friend a ghost hunter from an abandoned hospital. One of the endings reveals the reason why the hospital was abandoned: many of the patients died as a result of illegal medical experiments, and Luka murdered everyone involved in his death.

In Sweet Fuse: At Your Side , one of the attractions at the video game themed amusement park is the Bloodstained Hospital, a haunted house attraction based on a survival horror game. The characters are forced to go through it on the third day, and Saki and Meoshi revisit a copy of it during Meoshi's route. Subverted in Awful Hospital : the Hospital in question appears to be abandoned at first due to how dirty and disused everything looks, but once Dr.

Phage shows up it's clear that the hospital does have a working staff. Stand Still, Stay Silent : Many small impromptu monster ridden infirmaries have been encountered during the exploration of the silent world, including one emergency ward full of corpses and a letter from the nursing and medical staff for the former patients saying they are just going to get supplies and will return The information gathering raid in Odense leads to a hospital that was once the last Danish hold out against the disease that ended the world and left it infested with monsters.

As well as the usual creepy decay, barbed wire and "keep out of this room" signs also heavily feature. Web Original. All six islands used in the six Survival of the Fittest seasons have had an abandoned clinic, usually small buildings. The location name on the forum is usually some variation of "Abandoned Hospital". Ruby Quest is set in one of these. And it plays with how abandoned "abandoned" really is. Sure, no one's using it as a hospital right this exact second , but it's implied that Ruby is doing-slash-discovering some of these things for the second or third time, raising the question, "How, exactly, does she end up back at the start with no memory of doing this stuff if the hospital isn't operating on some rudimentary level?

An enormous abandoned hospital is one of the main settings in Marble Hornets. Not only is it one of the Operator's preferred haunts, it's also the place where Seth and Brian disappeared and Tim was attacked by Alex. Entry 66 reveals that it is indeed a burned down mental hospital, and as a child, Tim was a patient there. William Strife ends up trawling through a few as part of his Fallout 3 playthrough, admitting that playing Silent Hill has given him a fear of hospitals. Western Animation. Adventure Time. In "Heat Signature", the back drop for a big part of the episode appears to be an abandoned and delapidated old hospital building with a helicopter plate.

The Danny Phantom episode "Doctor's Disorders" mostly takes place in the abandoned North Mercy Hospital, where the sign outside the building has weathered so that it now only says "No Mercy". They wind up having a run-in with two Imperial Inquisitors. Steven Universe : Invoked in "Nightmare Hospital". Steven thinks the lack of staff and the lights not working means it must be one of these. Connie explains that they've just turned down the lights for nighttime patients, and a few doctors can be seen and heard, subverting the trope.

Real Life. Orphans were sent there and boys were expected to learn a trade and girls were forced to to housework. In , it became the Sunbury Lunatic Asylum, which stayed open until It was unoccupied until , when it was purchased by Victoria University. The campus closed in Parts of the massive property are still used as a primary and specialist school, a radio station and a theater company, but the rest of the former hospital remains abandoned.

Larundel Asylum is another abandoned hospital in Australia, in this case Melbourne. The old Alexandra Hospital in Singapore was the site of a massacre of doctors and their patients by the Japanese during World War II, and has a reputation for being haunted. The abandoned Old Changi Hospital, another haunted hospital in the same city, has a torture chamber added by the Japanese secret police, with bloodstains still set into the floor. It was not demolished however.

Parts were in , but the remaining buildings are being retrofitted into Condos. They've done the same thing to an old asylum in Melbourne, Australia, that was rumoured to be haunted. Now it's an apartment building.

That would be Willsmere, Kew. Nice apartment building, actually. And, yes, reportedly haunted. If you've said the words "haunted" and "hospital" in the Philadelphia region over the last thirty years, then you've heard of Byberry Mental Hospital. Built in and finally demolished one hundred years later, it reads like a nonfiction checklist of haunted house cliches.

Subterranean tunnels? It's got 'em. Total lack of electricity? Some brilliant fluke of architecture that renders most of the building pitch black even during the day? All yours, daddy-o. This place would give Dr. Vannacutt nightmares. Joseph DeJarnette, who was a major supporter of eugenics. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium : it's definitely got a reputation for being haunted. Pretty creepy. Enjoy a picture tour here courtesy of Forgotten Ohio. An insane asylum, sanitarium, and poor village was built there back in the 's and it eventually changed hands to the city.

Many were taken there, to the point where it got horribly overcrowded in the 's. Eventually sections got closed down, including a small school and one of the hospitals, a rather big facility. Both of them lay abandoned for years, but the big hospital was eventually torn down for condos a few years back. According to the rather eerie book Ghostly Ruins , which features photographs of various places around America which have fallen into disrepair, the Danvers State Mental Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts falls squarely into this category.

Danvers was once named Salem yes, that Salem , and changed its name due to the associated trauma, and the hospital itself was constructed on the site where one of the fanatical judges had lived. As the book puts it, "The Danvers State Hospital may have the worst bad karma of any abandoned site in the country. What makes things even more fun is, after the hospital was torn down in and an apartment complex was built, there was a mysterious fire that destroyed a large portion of the construction Cue Scare Chord.

And to worsen the karma even more , it seems it was one of the first places in America where lobotomy as we know it was practised. Danvers was also the filming location for the thriller Session 9 see Film for details. And was the inspiration for Lovecraft's Arkham Sanitorium which, in turn, inspired the asylum of the same name in the Batman franchise. It used to be a hospital and school for the mentally retarded and mentally ill. The patients were abused mentally, physically, and sexually.

Patients who were repeat biters had all teeth pulled. All teeth. The school housed more than 10, people in its year life. About 5, of them never went back to their real homes. The place only closed in And it's still standing today. Not only was it left abandoned , it seems that everything was just left behind.

Based on various first-hand accounts and experience , much if not most of the equipment and patient records, particularly older ones that's been removed was done so by urban explorers looting the place, and as of about , the floors were still littered with equipment and paperwork. There's an active movement to preserve Pennhurst , as it seems it may be torn down and the land developed in the near future. Many large hospitals in London have abandoned or little-used sections. You don't want to make a wrong turn late at night.

The Hugh Gallen State Office Park in Concord, New Hampshire, is comprised of a variety of re-purposed old buildings that were originally collectively known as the New Hampshire Asylum until being renamed to the less threatening "New Hampshire Hospital. The other buildings on the site — which date from to — have been converted into office space for state government workers. The oldest building in the complex, called the "Main Building," was erected in as a medical facility specifically designed for the housing and treatment of the insane, and was the 17th such hospital established in the United States.

Rumors have long persisted among locals that there are walled up portions of the Main Building's basement that contain the remains of tuberculosis patients who died during a time when TB ran rampant. This is a completely unfounded and illogical rumor, but if you've ever been in the Main Building's basement, you would be hard-pressed not to wonder what's in the walls.

Many of the older buildings in the state office park have been renovated but still retain a lot of their original structure, both internally and externally.

Diary of a Medical Student, Hospital of Horrors by Harvey J Widroe M D | | Booktopia

Some sections of these buildings, particularly the Main Building, have not been renovated at all due to the cost of asbestos removal and other improvements that would need to be made to make those areas safe and usable. This has left portions of the interior of these buildings in a state of eerie desertion and decay.

One unrenovated wing of the Main Building has been dubbed the "Stephen King Wing" by state employees who have had the opportunity to check it out and yes, it really is that creepy. Thanks to the Community Care Act in the UK, there are still a number of old abandoned mental hospitals, in various states of decay. Unsurprisingly developers have been less than keen to move in. One which is far creepier in reality than any fictional Hospital is in the island of Guernsey, and yes it is in as in built underground.

Constructed by Those Wacky Nazis in World War II during the island's occupation it was used as hospital, mortuary, ammunition store, and research centre on Slavic Labourers. See a video of it here. Ironically, Danvers and many of these other places were originally supposed to be actual asylums ; places of humane treatment according to the Kirkbride plan. The problems occurred with overcrowding due to warehousing. Not just the mentally ill, but drug addicts, immigrants with nowhere to go, the unemployed, the "friendless", homeless people.

Danvers was supposed to only have about clients; it ended up with well over two thousand.

Medicine in Colonial North America

The Glenn Dale Hospital in Maryland was not a place that people visited to get better. As a sanitarium for tuberculosis, anyone who wound up here could only hope to die in the most dignified way possible. And yes, there is a children's compound. Features include the incinerator used for waste products, not human remains , refridgerated morgues, the flooded underground hallways, and the elevator shaft that "breathed".