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Call us up at or e-mail us at info provoiceusa. Audio-Video Presentations AVP are handy tools for giving information during meetings, exhibits, trade expos, and lectures. They integrate images and sounds to be able to impart your lesson, message, product specs, services, and brand identity to your target audience. This is where your skill in voice acting and reading will be put to task. In order to make sure that your narration will hit the mark, your friends at ProVoice USA want to give you a few tips for creating a strong, effective, and engaging voice-over.

It goes without saying that for creating your voice-over; you will need the proper audio equipment: a preferably unidirectional microphone, an audio interface for converting your audio into digital data , proper audio recording and editing software, a laptop or desktop PC, a microphone stand, and a pop filter. Are you ready? Use jargon and technical terms only when necessary, and make sure to explain these terms in your script if your audience is likely to be unfamiliar with them. Avoid being verbose and use plain language. When drafting and reading the script, try to evoke a conversational tone with your writing and delivery.

These may indicate rewrites to improve readability.

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Then, go over any jargon that needs to be properly pronounced and check for accuracy. Do another reading, this time; recording your performance. Upon playback; check to see if your narration works within the context of the presentation. Practice working with the microphone — Learn to keep your distance from the microphone.

Ideally, a distance of between inches away from the microphone will give you crisp, clean vocals. Record your vocals in a quiet venue; without any distractions or ambient sounds. Fine-tune your recording process — When recording, be conscious of your delivery: some voice-over talents have a tendency to read too fast or add unnecessary affectations in their delivery.

It will be much easier to record standing, as it gives you more leeway for gestures and expressions that will inform your delivery; but you can also choose to sit down. Use a pop filter to eliminate plosives and pops, and use a pair of good headphones for listening to your playback. Hydrate and keep liquids on-hand — During recording, make sure that you hydrate your vocal cords with clear liquids: water and tea are the top choices. Avoid drinking cold liquids: just leave them at room temperature.

Make the video and images adjust to your voice-over and not the other way around — Lastly, when you find that your voice-over is not syncing up with the images and video, or you tend to get distracted trying to time the voice-over to sync with your slideshow effects and transitions; then tweak them so that they sync up with the voice over instead. Concentrate on having a good voice-over and sync your visuals to it. Do you need a professional voice-over for your AVP?

With over 20 years of experience and a roster of incredible Voice Talents, we can provide the right voice to go with your script.

Get in touch with us at info provoiceusa. The same goes with an effective voice over. If you want to build your brand, you must have a voice that will speak for you. Hearing the same voice for every commercial or radio snippet helps to build branding and familiarity. And having someone who will speak for your brand and sounds trustworthy makes your brand marketing better.

Ads with voice-overs score higher on credibility because they appear to convey fresh information, relevance, and persuasion. A professional voice over artist can greatly improve your brand recognition when used effectively. Whenever your customers hear that distinct voice, they feel at home. So, if your company wants to leave a lasting impression on consumers, you need to ensure that you have a strong brand voice. We will work directly with you to quickly produce professional sounding voice-overs that will make your brand memorable.

Call us today so we can discuss the details of your project and begin working on it as soon as you are ready.

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We always follow the voice we trust. Our perceptions of a voice could either persuade or dissuade us from making decisions. Also you will tend to overdrive the air pressure to correct any sound problems. Slamming extra air into your vocal cords will make them tense which can cause you to sing flat or lose resonance. If you have to use your voice after not getting enough sleep, try to relax and not overdrive.

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Warm up carefully and fully, which may take longer then usual. It will only succeed in depriving you of the next most important thing: water.

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You must be hydrated. Double that if you have asthma. This mucous membrane must stay very wet and fluid for your vocal cords to operate properly. You need more water in your body to thin the mucous membrane out.

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But just plain water is not enough. You need to bind the mucous and flush it out and what does that? Fresh lemon. The juice of the lemon will grab the extra mucous and flush it out.

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My recipe is a quart of water with two lemons. I add blue agave for sweetener no sugar which gives you a delicious healthy lemonade. Remember that you have two tubes going from the back of your throat: one that sends food to your stomach and one that sends air to your lungs. Your vocal cords are in the tube that sends air to your lungs. The water has to go through your digestive system before it hydrates your vocal cords. You should be drinking an enormous amount of lemon water every day to keep your cords in the best possible shape. There are lots of ways to get dehydrated.

Lovely, eh? When your feet or hands swell, so do your vocal cords, making them harder to move. The same happens with PMS. Water, water, water with lemon, lemon, lemon. That means milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter.

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This is the end of the cheese pizza or the late night quart of Hagen Daz. Pain in your larynx can be a sign of a problem. Some experience pain, huskiness, hoarseness and loss of throat range, then you should see a throat specialist or a very good vocal coach experienced in working with voices. You should watch for signs of vocal cord swelling characterized by slight hoarseness or a speaking voice that feels higher and huskier than normal and a vocal quality that sounds coarse and less than clean.

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