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CNN — A missing piece from one of Stonehenge's giant sarsen stones, removed 60 years ago during excavations, has been returned to the ancient monument. The core from a stone was removed in and its existence is said to have remained largely unknown ever since, according to English Heritage , which looks after the ancient site. But its return could help experts uncover the source of the sarsen stones used in creating the monument around five millennia ago. During excavations in the s, cracks were discovered in one of the sarsens and work undertaken to reinforce it.

The core was drilled out before metal rods were inserted to keep the stone standing. Robert Phillips, an employee from the company that carried out the repairs, kept the centimeter-long core after completing his work, for many years displaying it on a wall in his office. The missing "core" from one of Stonehenge's giant sausen stones.

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Though many seem to know there is a gap in the historical record, virtually everyone is unaware that filling in this gap is possible. For example, Nefertari Cobra , after being told by Nico Robin about this missing period, was completely shocked that a way to "tie the threads of history together" existed. The most important event during the Void Century has to be the Great War.

It ended around with the fall of Shandora. In Enel's cover story, there is an ancient city on the moon with another bunch of identical Automata. There is a painting on the wall that shows a Skypiean with Automata following him on the left while a Shandorian and Birkan work on the right. One of the three races, the Shandorians, ended up on the isle of Jaya where they built the city of Shandora one thousand years ago. The great city of Shandora collapsed during this war, the Shandorians defended the city against "those who seek the stone".

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The city collapsed, but the Shandia , who are the descendants of the Shandorians, kept on defending the city for over eight hundred years afterwards. All three races are noted to have wings on their backs though each has a slightly different shape and may have even once been the same race. The connection between the sky island of Skypiea and the Void Century is the poneglyph left there for the Shandia and the Shandorians before them to protect.

The Great Kingdom was a great and powerful kingdom that was destroyed by the Twenty Kingdoms , who would later evolve into the World Government. The kingdom was so powerful that its existence posed a great threat to the world, and is the reason why studying the poneglyphs is outlawed. He attempted to raise the Noah with Poseidon 's aid, but he failed to keep his promise. He wrote his apology on the Poneglyph in the Sea Forest [7]. Before the Void Century, the Dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom suffered oppression under the ruthless rulers of the island of Dressrosa , the Donquixote Family.

For the World Government, the events of the Void Century were better left unknown as information linked to it is considered far too dangerous. When the research of the Poneglyphs was outlawed, hundreds of scholars across the world were killed. At the end of the Void Century, the 20 kingdoms came together to defeat the Ancient Kingdom and then founded what is now known as the World Government. Please allow for international postal delays. Credit card debits will be securely made in your own currency.

Missing a Piece?

UK customers should still click the payment button below if you wish to pay by cheque or postal order. You will be taken to our main shopping website where you will be asked to provide your details. Select 'Print Order Form' as the payment option. The printed order form, which will contain all of your details and order, can then be placed in your envelope with the surrounding pieces.

Clicking on the above button will take you to our main shopping website where you will be asked to make your payment. UK customers should still click the payment button above if you wish to pay by cheque or postal order. Instructions For customers in the UK who do not have access to the web, these instructions are also available in a mailing pack which can be printed out.

For the Jigsaw Doctor to make your replacement piece you will need to send him the pieces that surround the missing piece.

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Please note the following: The material used to reproduce your missing piece is a different colour to the original cardboard or wood. It will be difficult to spot the replacement without reasonably close examination. The material used to make the replacement is very strong, but will break if mis-handled.

Treat it like your other pieces and it should be ok, but don't bend it or tread on it! STEP 2. STEP 3 Optional.

STEP 4. STEP 1 - Complete the jigsaw puzzle and identify the missing piece s.

The Missing Piece

First put the jigsaw puzzle together to check for the missing piece s. Edge pieces cost the same as inner pieces. STEP 2 - Put the surrounding pieces in a good quality envelope, along with your details. How many pieces to send. If the missing piece is an edge piece, then the surrounding 14 pieces will be enough. If you have more than one missing piece together, please send at least 2 pieces in each direction surrounding the missing pieces.

The Basics

Include any edge pieces as necessary. Non-Interlocking Pieces. If you feel that there is any chance that we may not be able to make the correct sized piece because there are not enough pieces, then add some more! How to Pack the Surrounding Pieces Put the pieces in a good quality padded envelope or packet.

Don't Delay!

There are different ways to do this: Placed between two sheets of cardboard. Placed on one sheet of cardboard then wrapped with paper, plastic or cling film.

The price to ship your pieces to us is affected by the weight of your package. Do not overpack the pieces. One or two pieces of strong carboard just larger than the jigsaw pieces will be sufficient. Try and use an envelope which is just a bit larger than your packed pieces. Any unecessary extra weight will make the cost to ship higher. Please do not tape the pieces together or use BluTac or a similar self-adhesive product either on the front or the reverse of the pieces, as this may damage them.

Please do not send your jigsaw puzzle pieces in any type of box, unless you do not want the box to be returned. Our postage rates are based on return of the pieces in a padded envelope and will not cover the additional weight of a box.

  • Preference Organisation and Peer Disputes: How Young Children Resolve Conflict (Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis).
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Information Required Please provide the following information with your jigsaw puzzle pieces: Your name Your full mailing address Your telephone number in case we need to contact you Your e-mail address The manufacturer, title and product number of the jigsaw puzzle, if you can find them. Please look around on the jigsaw puzzle box. Gift Certificate Number if you are redeeming a gift certificate Payment order number or payment see Step 4. Do not include a copy of your order.