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The cards are the moves of their respective biochemists in a secret lab in the Middle East. The bids start with these two human lives and quickly escalate. Now he acts and writes full time. His short stories have have appeared in numerous anthologies and national magazines. His mainstream, crime, and other novels are made available through Fiero Publishing.

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Sands, obviously, also is perpetually interested in strengthening its U. First, with our popular brands…we would be very effective competitors in this market place. Second, our company makes twice as much money from our non-gaming attractions in the United States than we do from our casino operations. Perhaps the most concrete argument Adelson raised in his op-ed was that online gambling might take away from the business of brick-and-mortars, since people might be inclined to stay home more often.

This claim is fiercely contested by other casino firms, as they think online gambling will provide a way for wary customers to learn games from home — and for cheap or for free — before eventually coming into the real-life casino. Also, creating an online gambling account would require providing a casino company with a treasure trove of personal information, allowing it to offer a ceaseless barrage of promotional offers to make a physical trip.

Efforts on the part of some Congressmen to pass a federal online gambling bill have never amounted to anything really worth writing about. Even if Sands and Adelson wanted to launch a site, and had it prepped, there would be little money in it. Casey1 over 6 years ago.

Of course this hypocrite sees internet gambling as a plague, It's going to eat a bunch of his profits.

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Man tools like this really annoy the! Barry2 over 6 years ago. When did we stop being the land of the free, guys like this make me sick. I plan to avoid his properties. While I do not agree with Mr.

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Adelson's conclusions, I don't think his position comes from any fear of his business being hurt. Most casinos either make very little money or even lose money on their poker room. In no way is it as profitable as slots per square foot of floor space.

Many casinos tolerate poker rooms only to keep customers in the casino, not as a profit center. It is to Mr. Adelson's credit he runs one of the finest poker room operations in Vegas. Steve17 over 6 years ago. And his concerns about the impact online games will have on families and children cannot be downplayed. There is no question that minors will find a way to wager on casino games, and it will only be days or months before current popular video games will be added to the casino gaming arsenal.

Remember, the children of today are the young adults of tomorrow, and there's little doubt that our offspring's favorite Game Boy inclusions will soon be available in slot machine form at your nearby casino. Which translates into availability at home, if Online Gaming is present. I don't have Sheldon's level of influence, but I have been voicing the same concern's in New Jersey, and the impact I feel Internet wagering will have on Atlantic City casinos and their employees. There's no question that Online Gaming will help decrease casino company losses, now being realized by all AC casinos, and may keep one or more from closing, but I do believe live visits to the actual AC casinos will continue its 7 year decline, and that in the next few years thousands more of the resort employees will find their way to the unemployment line.

I don't see how Sheldon Adelson is still alive he looks like he's been hit by the plague. It didn't have anything to do with online poker either so what the hell is he talking about?

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OverSoul over 6 years ago. U R CIA because you miss the point.

The point is, where does Adelson derive the authority to deny someone a 2 cent turbo mtt sit and go? What happened to freedom in the U.

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Furthermore, what kind of credibility does he have when he has made his billions through gambling? Problem gambling on the Internet will never reach any greater percentage than it does in the general public. That's the nature of addiction. Addiction has proven to be more personality driven than opportunity driven.