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That was it. She felt her sex lubricating freely and held the whipping post she had been standing near to steady herself. The whole idea of a woman fastened in that obscene position for the purpose of being fucked one could hardly call it making love was having a intense effect on her. This room had had one purpose and one purpose only — to degrade a human female to the level of breeding stock. To fasten her, against her will onto the breeding rack and have her be serviced like an animal. She shook her head because she had no idea why she was getting so turned on. She was an educated professional woman who should have been repulsed at the thought of lowering the human female to such a base level, but her drenched panties proved otherwise.

Almost as if it was someone else speaking, she heard herself asking reason for the cages. As you can see they are quite small — only enough room for a few paces. If a female was not cooperative, or had otherwise earned punishment, a week or so locked in one of those cells often made her far more docile. The rush again as she looked inside the closest cell. It was small. The cot ran nearly the full length of the cell. The toilet and sink occupied the space between the cot and the wall at the far end. This left an area about three feet by four feet open — not a great deal of space. To make it even smaller, the ceiling was only about six feet high.

She noticed that the door was ajar — should could not resist — she swung it open and stepped inside. She turned to face her host, looking at him through the bars of the door that he held closed with his hand. Again that rush of arousal. What was it that was turning her on so much about being in this cell with the door not even locked? Was it the thought of being locked in with no escape? What would it have been like to have been locked in here, watching another female slave naked, led to the rack and fastened into it?

Seeing her strapped down, completely exposed, open and vulnerable as she waited for the male that would copulate what a nice clinical term — but no, he would be fucking her with her to be brought in. Jerking herself back to reality, she quickly agreed as he swung the door open and she stepped back out, back into freedom. They walked back to the main building. As she showered later, she could not help but let her fingers drift first to her breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers, and then down to her sex.

She began gently stroking, then, let her fingers move more rapidly and with more pressure as the images of the breeding rack, the whipping post and the cells came back to her. She came suddenly and violently. It had been a long time since she had experienced such an intense orgasm, so quickly. In its aftermath, she began to ponder, wondering why the visions of confinement, punishment and degradation aroused her so much. No, there was no sense mincing words or trying to fool herself. She, the proud, strong, independent professional woman, was going nuts at the idea of a woman being locked up, whipped, and finally being bred like an animal.

Dinner was pleasant — once again Robert was ever the gracious host. He asked her whether or not she had enjoyed the tour. She assured him that it had been fascinating. Was there a bit of smugness on his smile when she said that? She was beginning to enjoy his company, and wondered idly if there might be something to allowed to develop during her stay.

The next day she decided to go exploring and wandered about the grounds. Here and there were crumbling old segments of walls and stone fences. She loved the idea that the rocks and stones she was looking at had been in place for three hundred years or so. It put things into perspective. She had no particular goal in mind as she wandered about but was not surprised when she looked up and noticed that she was standing once again in front of the quarters for the female slaves that had aroused her so the day before.

As she wandered up to the entrance she noticed that they had apparently forgotten to close and lock the door when they left yesterday, because it was slightly ajar. As she walked through the large communal sleeping room she let herself imagine the scene three hundred years ago — all the women stretched on the cots, chained by the ankles to the long anchoring chain. Knowing that until the overseer came to unlock them the next morning, they were captives. She shivered slightly as she entered the breeding room, again taking note of the very contemporary light switch.

She also noticed that the switch was a dimmer, so the level of light could be adjusted. Her mind was churning. If it was supposed to be a museum of sorts, why worry about the lights being dimmed? And why, she wondered, as she opened the door to one of the cells and stepped inside, the plumbing? Just the act of stepping into the cell had started the little thrills to shoot through her. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening as Robert entered.

No need to worry yourself and please do not be embarrassed. There are many people who find the idea of this room and its functions somewhat, or perhaps even quite erotic. You do find them erotic do you not? What could she say? Obviously her responses yesterday had not gone unnoticed.

Nor could she come up with a plausible explanation of why he had found her, here in this room, once again exploring a cell that had nothing more to offer than she had seen yesterday. She nodded gratefully as she stepped back out of the cell, standing next to him. She was relieved that he did not think of her badly. She looked at him quizzically and he continued to explain. As she was trying to formulate the words to politely decline, she realized she was actually saying nothing, but her head was nodding.

She stepped in hesitantly. When she had entered before it had always been with the knowledge that the door was open and would stay open — that her freedom was never in doubt. Just as she started to turn around to tell Robert that this might not be such a good idea, she heard the lock click as the steel door closed. She looked at Robert through the bars as she had yesterday, but this was entirely different. The door would not budge - she was locked in the cell!! She quickly realized how small the cell was. She could lie or sit on the cot.

She could stand. She could take two or three steps. She was a prisoner. The fact that there was no way to get out — that she would have to remain in this tiny cage for the next six hours sent rushes through her body. She caught herself slipping her fingers into the top of her blouse, rubbing the tops of her breasts above the bra, the pushing the bra down so she could tweak her nipples.

She did not know why, but she felt the need to pinch her nipples and when she did she felt herself dampening. Harder and harder she pinched, the pain radiating all through the breasts. Even though she knew that someone might come in at any time and see her, she opened the buttons on her shorts, yanking them down her legs. She lay back on the cot and began furiously rubbing her pussy, lightly stroking her clit then plunging first one, then two, then three fingers deep inside herself. Afterwards she hoped desperately that Robert really had left the building and that no one else had wandered in, because her orgasm, when it hit her, was far from quiet!

She spent the rest of the afternoon resting, daydreaming, lightly stroking her sex and her breasts. Sated, but still enjoying the sensation of muted arousal. Whenever she drifted off to sleep and awoke to see the bars she was reminded again that she was confined, at the mercy of someone else, and the thrills rushed through her anew. Since there were no windows, it was impossible to tell how long she had been in her cell. Had it been an hour or five? It was disorienting! Finally she heard footsteps in the outer room.

She quickly made sure that her clothing was properly arranged and stood just as Robert entered the room. He quickly unlocked the door and held it open for her as she stepped outside. All she could do is respond with a smile and tell him that it was different to say the least. Offering his arm, they walked together to the main house and enjoyed a drink or two before dinner. After dinner, each armed with a cigar and snifter of cognac, he queried her more on how she had found the experience. She decided that she was going down a new and potentially exciting road.

She was smart enough to know that being evasive would do nothing but slow her on her journey. He went on to tell her about whole social circles of people that were into dominance and submission, as he explained it. She had read of course and scene sites on the internet that referred to bdsm, but had never given it much thought. She had never, at least not until she stepped into the breeding room, understood the sexual attraction of being tied up or tying someone else up. How much her outlook had changed in the last twenty-four hours.

Robert went on to explain that some people enjoyed being submissive, being restrained or confined. Some submissives, most in fact, also enjoyed some pain in their sexual activities. To cater to this social group, Robert offered, and was known in the bdsm community as offering the facilities here for guests to use. Now the modernization of the breeding room — the lights, air conditioning and plumbing made sense. She did admit that she had enjoyed being locked up for the afternoon but really did not understand why.

Some people find the confinement erotic because they have given up control Others because they find a thrill in the humiliation and embarrassment of being caged, on display for anyone that might come in the room. Bear in mind that most people, men as well as women are locked into the cells naked. That makes the element of embarrassment even stronger. And, there are ways to make the experience more uncomfortable, and therefore more intense. For example, restraints can be added to further limit your freedom.

Finally, the stay can be extended. We have one couple that comes here where the husband is the submissive. He spends the entire two weeks in our facility either locked in a cell, or chained hand and foot at the whim of his wife. All day. I would like to experience being naked and restrained in the cell.

She could not believe she had uttered those words. Was it the cognac? The incredible arousal she had felt over the last few hours? If you still decide to be naked, take off your clothes, enter the cell. The door locks when you shut it. Put the restraints on.

Then enjoy the day. She slept surprising well that night. A nice orgasm before drifting off to sleep made the evening quite pleasant. The next morning she showered and wandered outside. As promised the door was unlocked and she made her way straight to the breeding room. There, sure enough, on the cot were a collar, a pair of handcuffs attached to it by a short chain, a pair of leg irons and a padlock for the collar.

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All very simple. She wandered around briefly, taking in the room, making her way over to the breeding rack and closing her eyes — imagining a woman strapped into place there. As she spread she legs to where they would be strapped, and lowered her head to the height of the opening in the forward frame, she realized what an obscene position it forced a woman into. Her hips and ass were thrust upward and her legs spread very widely. Strapped like this a woman would have no semblance of modesty — everything would be open for all to see.

Nor could she protect herself — everything was available. Again that incredible sexual rush coursed through her. She knew inherently that she was going down a path that would result in her being on that rack — naked and open. She found herself wondering what it would be like if it were Robert behind her — enjoying the sight of her female delights, taking his cock out, lightly stroking it before he stepped behind her to take her. No foreplay, No romance — just pure power exchange — she would be fucked whether she wanted it or not.

God she was wet!!

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She decided that thoughts of her future on the breeding rack would make her forthcoming day in captivity much more enjoyable. As instructed, she quickly took off her clothes, feeling suddenly very self conscious at being naked in this room. She stepped inside the cell and with a sense of being at the point of no return, closed the door, hearing the lock click. She sorted out the items on the cot. The collar on her neck, click of the padlock telling her it is not coming off. Leg irons fastened around her ankles and finally, slipping her wrists into the handcuffs dangling from the chain, about a foot or so long, attached to her collar.

It took almost no time for the effect of the restraints to hit her. When she tried to take the few steps the space allowed she felt the weight of cuffs locked on her ankles. The collar though not too tight was definitely there. She found herself getting aroused and sitting on the cot began as the day before to play with her breasts, rolling the nipples which hardened immediately. While it should have been obvious from the start, the reality hit her as her arousal heightened. Unlike yesterday there would be no relief.

She knew that Robert had planned this. That he had intended to let her know that he could, and had taken control of her sexuality, and she had walked right into it. Her pussy veritably gushed at the thought that this man — who she had had visions of as a sexual partner, had effectively taken control, at least for the day, of her sex. She was so aroused her pussy was actually aching. And there would be no relief. She sat. She laid down. She stood. But mostly she was bored and incredibly horny. She wanted to badly to be able to touch herself, but there was simply no way. It would be a long day.

How long she waited she had no idea, but finally she heard footsteps approaching. Robert came into the room. She instinctively tried to cover herself as best she could realizing that she was completely naked in front of him. He quickly told her that was not permitted and ordered her to stand and spread her legs as far as her chain would allow.

When she did not respond he explained the facts of life. She was the prisoner, he was in control. If she refused to obey, an hour would be added to her time in the cell. Her first response was anger and an urge to demand to be released. She controlled that because first, she experienced another sexual thrill as she realized the import of what he was saying and second because she realized that she had no effective way to resist.

She stood and spread her legs as ordered. She closed her eyes as he slowly inspected his captive. God this was turning her on! He went on to explain that one of the rules that she would have to follow was that during confinement whenever anyone walked into the room she was required to stand against the bars of the cell, hands behind her head if restraints permitted it, and legs spread shoulder width apart, or as far as restraints allowed.

This position was to be held until told otherwise, or everyone had left the room. God this was driving her nuts — the thought of having to display herself, and the implicit revelation that it might be someone other than Robert who entered the room. She had never discussed masturbation with anyone else before.

She had never been so embarrassed in her life, or so torn. Part of her absolutely would never even acknowledge to this man that she masturbated, let alone ask him to adjust her restraints so she could,. Besides, she was already standing naked In front of him, legs spread so he had a good view of her pussy. The sexual rush was taking control — her normal inhibitions were history.

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She desperately hoped he could not smell her arousal, or see the slick wetness on her thigh as she asked as requested. Her sex was literally aching and her need intense. Without warning he reached between the bars to feel her pussy — no her cunt! She almost exploded immediately as she felt his fingers slide along the slick lips, gently insinuating themselves between — lightly brushing her clit, then finding the opening and slipping inside.

His touch though was diabolical — too light, and never enough contact with her clit. She was trying hard to rock her hips back and forth to increase the pressure — she needed to cum so badly, but he simply pulled back so she was thrusting against the bars. Have a nice afternoon pretty lady!! She almost broke down in tears. Her pussy literally ached it was so swollen and engorged. She moaned in frustration and begged him — any pretest of modesty and decorum long gone, but to no avail,. She heard his footsteps receding as he left the building.

The rest of the day was an endless ordeal. She could play with her breasts and nipples but the chain from her collar would not let her even get close to her pussy. She tried rubbing it across the bedding, against the bars, against the corner of the cot — nothing helped — there was no relief for her.

Between the arousal at being naked and unable to cover herself in front of Robert, and the humiliation of having to ask if she could masturbate, she was a basket case. She remembered the rule and positioned herself against the bars, slipped her cuffed hands over her head by turning the collar, and spread her legs. She was very much aware that her breasts protruded slightly between the bars.

Robert unlocked the door and proceeded to unlock her restraints. When he knelt to undo the cuffs on her ankles his face was level with her sex. She saw him look at it and knew that he could easily smell her arousal. Before she could finish blushing he stood up, took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

She returned the kiss, trying to pull him closer to her. Her pussy was sopping and she wanted nothing more than to have him take her — to feel his cock slide deeply inside her. He began to caress her breasts, teasing the nipples, then lowered his head to take a nipple in his mouth. The confinement, the embarrassment and humiliation, the denial of her ability to touch herself all reached a crescendo. She had lost all semblance of control and gasped out between kisses "I need you to fuck me please sir - please, I need it so badly!

Her response was something between a moan and tearful begging Robert needed no encouragement and it was obvious that he was familiar with the apparatus. She was swiftly restrained. Her head and wrists held by the front frame - low down, while the cross bar under her hips kept her ass high in the air. Straps at ankle and knee left her wide open. The air reeked of her arousal as she waited in her restraints, panting and frustrated.

Robert was almost as horny as she was, but made it last a little longer. He stepped behind her and she felt his fingers lightly stroking her gaping labia. A fingertip nudged at her opening but he did not enter her- instead just teasing and playing with her. He reached around to cup her hanging breasts, rubbing the nipples, then paying attention to her pussy again. She was moaning and bucking in her restraints, trying to increase the pressure on her pussy.

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Finally even Robert could wait no longer. Stepping out of his pants then moving behind her. Taking his cock in his hand, he lightly stroking along here pussy lips, enjoying the feel of her hot slickness, then letting the head just nudge at her entrance. She was begging wantonly "please fuck me - please let me feel your cock inside me", all the while rocking her hips as much as the straps allowed.

Finally he plunged deep into her slick pussy - enjoying the sensation of the walls of her pussy gripping him as she cried out freely. As aroused and frustrated as she was, and as much as he had been teasing her, the first orgasm hit her almost immediately. All she could do was shudder and beg him please, no matter what, not to stop.

Later, much later they were both sated and exhausted. Robert stepped back while she just sagged in the straps holding her. After only a slight pause she felt him releasing her, then helping her up. She leaned on him for support, her knees weak. Finally arm in arm they made their way back to the house.

A long hot shower, a frosty cold drink and she felt awesome! She made her way to the cozy bar behind the restaurant where Robert joined her. She looked at him and all she could say was "wow! They did not mention the afternoon's adventure during dinner, but once they made their way to the now obligatory cigar and cognac retreat, she could not contain herself any longer.

Polite society tells us that such things are deviate and perverse - not to be even considered, let alone indulged in by responsible well balanced adults. We so-called perverts know better. We have a need for the control, or loss of, and even for pain, and we know how deliciously intense and exciting it can be. But it just part of who and what we are. You can't learn or unlearn it- it is just part of you. The best advice I can give you is don't fight it - accept it and enjoy it! She thought about what he had said. Visions of what she must have looked like to him strapped into the breeding rack raced through her mind ask she swirled the dark amber cognac in the snifter.

There was no denying it - it had been the most intense sexual encounter she had ever experienced. The recollection of being so turned on that she begged him to fuck her caused her to feel the heat rising in her cheeks. It seemed like eons before she answered him so profuse were the thoughts rushing through her mind. I'm sure you already know that I found it pretty intense, and we're hardly strangers anymore. I will thank you for opening my eyes to a side of me that before today I probably knew about but refused to let surface. Robert smiled at her - not in any way smug or condescending but a genuinely warm, affectionate smile.

He stood up, set his glass down and walked to her, taking her hand he pulled her up and embraced her. She felt herself melt in his arms as his hand moved all over her back then possessive lay drifted down to cup her ass. She felt herself thrusting forward as they kissed. It might have gone further, but he lowered her back into her chair and returned to his. She nodded, wordlessly letting him know he had her attention. One cigar morphed into another and serious damage was done to the leaded cognac decanter as she listened to him, asked questions, and began to realize all that she had been missing.

He explained that in the realm of dominance and submission there were no absolutes - just degrees. Some people were content with simple bondage - merely being tied up drove them over the edge - for others pain, sometimes intense with the release of endorphins was needed to get them where they needed to be. Some people were dominant, some submissive and some like Robert, enjoyed both sides. He told her more about the use to which his former slave quarters were put. Not only were there guests of his little hotel that used it, but among the island population there were a fair number of aficionados.

He also explained that there was another room, adjacent to the "breeding room" that he had not yet shown her, but would tomorrow. Finally he mentioned that two couples "into the lifestyle" as he termed it were arriving tomorrow and that tomorrow night there would be a party that she was welcome to join.

The sun was well above the horizon and shining into her room when she woke up. She had slept like a rock. Exhausted by the previous day's activities, she had left Robert, gone to her room and did not even remember falling into bed. Now she felt thoroughly refreshed and ready to tackle the world. A big breakfast primed her for a day of exploring. While she was looking forward to what the evening might hold, she made it a point to spend the day in completely unrelated pursuits. She took one of the cars available to guests and explored the areas surrounding the inn, had a delightful lunch at a roadside eatery and revealed in doing a lot of nothing.

She made it back in time to catch a shower before cocktails and dinner. In the dining room she noticed new faces - a couple and a woman who she assumed were the people Robert had mentioned last night. Introductions were made. Steve and Sharon were from Toronto, in their mid thirties and very friendly. June appeared to be in her forties, from Denver. Sexy, erotic and exciting - so, or something like Escort Lady Michelle summer is described by gentlemen who have already booked this Femme Fatale. Michelle offers Escort in Stuttgart with great sensitivity and passion.

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The Act of Revelation Scene I: His services always brought a horde compared the competition, a half-mile down the road. As Easter neared, attendance was enough to fill his house of worship, the Church of the Blessed Baptism. Obsidian glass and black granite symbolized the ubiquity of sin in the earthly world.

You never heard of John Oliver? I guess you haven't been one who gets his news from the Daily Show as John has been a correspondent for years; and actually acted as the guest host this past summer! Still kudos for this post. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Rebecca Swann, the beautiful daughter of a plantation owner in the early s, decides to chaperone a couple of slaves on a "playdate.

There are three warm bodies and only one bed! Soon Rebecca, her Mammy, and a tricky old Rebecca Swann, the beautiful daughter of a plantation owner in the early s, decides to chaperone a couple of slaves on a "playdate. Soon Rebecca, her Mammy, and a tricky old slave named Amos, begin to get acquainted in ways that would have shocked society. Nine months later things get complicated for Rebecca when she finds herself having to do some explaining. Get A Copy.

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