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We run week long football courses throughout the holidays, all year round. Trophies are awarded to Player of the Week and other various activities during the week. Monday to Friday term time 5pm — 9. For opening times over the Christmas and New Year period please click here. This site makes use of cookies to provide necessary functionality to the site such as logging in, and to analyse user activity in order to refine the site. By clicking "Got it!

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EnableLC use cookies to analyse how our site is used and provide a better experience. To consent to these activities, tap "Got it! Search Close. Toggle navigation Service menu. Furzedown Recreation Centre Open evenings and weekends to the public offering outdoor floodlit training facilities.

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Bookings To book holiday football courses phone: Out of hours phone: Schools and community organisations can book a sports facility at competitive prices throughout the year. Childrens Tennis Lessons and Holiday Clubs. Tennis Lessons Available during the months of April to August.

Casey Stadium opens up to cricket and gymnastics

Tuesdays: pm Age: Our lessons improve tennis skills and develop co-ordination and ball awareness while having lots of fun and games. Tennis Camps Our courses create a fun activity where children can enjoy developing their skills and learn to play and compete. The dimensions of a turf pitch are The width of a turf pitch is 3.

The overall dimensions of a turf wicket will vary according to the level of cricket competition being played. The dimensions of a synthetic cricket pitch range from 25m to 28m long and 2.

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A bowling crease, popping crease and two return creases are marked in white at each end of the pitch. The bowling crease is the back edge of the crease marking. There is a line, 2. The popping crease is in front of and parallel to the bowling crease. It is 1.

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The return crease is at right angles to the popping crease at a distance of 1. The return crease is 2. The table below is a summary of the pitch dimensions for the various game formats in all competitions. A circular cricket field is considered as the perfect field but generally a cricket pitch is slightly oval.

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Its diameter varies between m and m. The straight boundary at both ends of the pitch is a minimum of 64m. Distances are measured from the centre of the pitch. Boundaries are not to exceed All boundaries are marked by a rope or similar object as per the ICC rules. The rope has a required minimum distance of 2. For grounds with a large playing area, the maximum length of boundary should be used before applying the minimum 3 yards 2.

When marking a cricket playing field, buffer distances between cricket ground boundaries in relation to other park infrastructure including car parks, roadways, neighbouring properties and playgrounds need to be considered. Buffer distances of between 20m to 40m from boundaries are preferable to reduce risk of damage to park users and property. The centre of these circles is the middle stump at either end of the pitch.

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  • The circles are marked by continuous painted white lines or dots at 4. Two inner circles with a radius of The centre of the circles is the centre point of the popping crease at either end of the pitch. These areas are also marked with dots. There are formats for various age groups catering for skill levels, age group, level of commitment and other social, cultural and geographic considerations. Below is a summary of field dimensions for the various game formats in all competitions.

    Generally practice cricket nets are 20m long and 3. The back and side walls are 3m high. This is a occupational health and safety measure to protect the bowlers in adjacent nets. Peripheral nets require a minimum side fencing length of 11m. No Australian Standard specific to cricket net design in Australia currently exists.

    The following standards relate to cricket net materials: AS The indoor cricket court is a minimum of 28m to a maximum of 30m long and a minimum of The height of the facility is 4m to 4. All lines are 55mm wide. A wicket line is marked in line with the stumps at each end, and is 1.