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Well, "story" might be too strong a word. But you pop this in with some friends and some beers and you simply won't stop laughing. Imagine you're a movie producer in Now imagine you have no money, but you need to get a movie made anyway. That is, apparently, an actual thing that happened. Director Lee Harry refused to do that. So instead he shot as much as he could on a shoe-string budget, and then just played clips from the first movie as flashbacks - and it's glorious. As near as is possible to tell, the story is about a kid who is a spree-shooter and also wants to murder an abusive nun.

Also, it's funny somehow. Unlike a number of other movies on this list, the comedy in this one is not intentional. No, of course you didn't because it might be the worst movie ever made, and that's including the several movies on this list already that are vying for that title. The killer is a masked man in a black robe, but there's also a ghost. However the ghost has nothing to do with the killings or the story. She's just there for no discernible reason. You can't hear anything over the hip-hop soundtrack because no one ever mixed the sound levels while editing the movie.

A girl is killed by being locked in a shower. That's it. Just locked in the shower. A regular shower, and somehow she dies from it. Like, pretty quickly. Nicolas Cage plays an insane detective in this remake of the horror classic. Actually, there is no way to explain The Wicker Man that will be more amazing than just watching this brilliant video of all the scenes where Nick Cage acts crazy. But really, it doesn't matter. The magnificence of The Wicker Man is truly encapsulated in that scene where Nick Cage dresses like a bear and punches a random nun in the face. Iconic horror director Joe Dante made a wonderfully fun and scary werewolf film in with The Howling.

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The '80s were weird. Admittedly, you probably guessed that part from the title. But can you guess any of the circumstances around the creation of a sentient, murderous bed? It was possessed by the spirit of a demon, obviously.

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV

Then, by "the bed that eats," the movie actually shows that it randomly decides to ingest people, somehow, and turn them into skeletons. Comedian Patton Oswalt has an amazing stand-up routine about Death Bed: The Bed That Eats , in which he explains the working thought process that lead to the creation of this film, and the deep-seated conviction it must have taken to finish it. Check it out, but be careful as it's possibly NSFW due to profane language. Much like all the movies on this list. His wife still played by Lorraine Gary, because a job is a job thinks a shark is targeting members of her family after her son is devoured by one.

More Details Jennifer Penny 1. Hermann, Minnesota United States. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Too Dead to Dance , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 14, Barbara Jean Coast rated it it was amazing Shelves: cozy-cat-press , cozy-mysteries , favorites , humor , kindle-edition , mysteries. Here's to you Diane Morlan for writing a delightful and fun mystery with small-town charm that is sure to keep readers coming back for more.

Hermann Minnesota's Polka Daze Festival is interrupted when Jennifer Penny local coffee roaster and entrepreneur stumbles onto a dead body at the local fairgrounds. When one of her best friends Sister Bernie is accused of the murder of a Polka Here's to you Diane Morlan for writing a delightful and fun mystery with small-town charm that is sure to keep readers coming back for more.

See a Problem?

When one of her best friends Sister Bernie is accused of the murder of a Polka band member, Jennifer soon turns to amateur sleuthing and meets the most handsome police detective that would have any girl weak in the knees. Will the Polka dancing, yodeling, and merriment continue or will the town and Jennifer see the end of Polka Daze? Darlings, you will just have to read and find out for yourselves! A lovely cozy mystery diversion for a snowy day. There are all kinds of amateur woman detectives in this genre: owner of a scrapbooking store, fifth grade teacher, retired librarian, and coffee roaster just to mention a few.

Must be tough to come up with an original occupation for them these days. Many of these amateurs are also middle-aged or older, something this middle-aged reader can relate too. Many of these books are also intelligently written, by obviously intelligent women, but I have on A lovely cozy mystery diversion for a snowy day. Many of these books are also intelligently written, by obviously intelligent women, but I have one major beef with them, and it happened in Too Dead To Dance.

In the last 15 percent of the book or so, the author has the amateur detective do really stupid, dangerous, thoughtless and impulsive things and the handsome police detective - in this case - comes racing to the rescue. I hate that. I really really hate that.

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How an otherwise thoughtful and intelligent person comes to do really dumb things just ruins the book for me. It's like those teenage slasher films: you want to scream at the young teenage girl to NOT go and investigate the noise in the closet when there's a raging thunderstorm outside, the power's gone off, the telephone line's cut, and the serial killer just broke out of prison.

Run you dork, run! I wouldn't suggest you run away from this book.

The Last Manson Mystery

Just be prepared to pull your hair out at the end while shouting, "no, no, no! Don't do that! Don't tell him what you know! Get the heck outta there! I'm guessing this is the author's debut novel and it's decent. I appreciate the fact that it's quite clean. Sister Bernadine seems like the likeliest suspect in the murder of band player, Wes.

Jennifer sets out to prove her innocence but the more she finds out, the worse it looks for her friend. This story takes place during the town's German Fest. Looking for You. Kate Perry. Mission to Murder. Dressed To Kill. Dead Wrong.

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