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She isn't some girl they are just now deciding to start hazing, she was actually a part of that group-so she knows all the tricks And this is what I loved so much: She wasn't afraid to be a bitch. She wasn't afraid to fight dirty. And I wanted her to. I wanted to see her scrape and claw and rip their hair out.

I became immediately engrossed and invigorated when she would 'push back' and show those bitches what she's really made of I don't know what that says about me, either. In high school, you don't get to change. So I should just make the best of it. I think my favorite part of this story, though, was Michael. Everything to do with Michael, I was a mess. Not only because he was a sudden love interest, though I loved that as well, but because of how the mighty had fallen.

Michael-the new kid from years ago who's reputation she ruined. Michael-the loner who doesn't care what people think of him. Micheal-the kid who is now an outcast and sits alone at lunch in the back of the cafeteria. And I think that's what made this such a finely layered story.

Regina was so mean to others because Anna TOLD her to be, and now that she's on the outside looking in, she has no one to turn to. It was so beyond fascinating to be inside her head and to see how she handled being invisible to everyone socially and to be on the receiving end of vicious rumors and threats. I loved seeing her progression from indifference to fighting back to utter obsession over what's being said and how she can exact revenge on anyone and everyone that wrongs her. But, even more than that, I loved seeing that vulnerable girl who was sensitive and just wanted a friend.

Hell, I loved Michael. Big shocker there-Summers creates the coolest guys. And Michael didn't make it easy.

Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls

I loved that, too. Some days he didn't even let her sit at the table. But here's the kicker- he was always there for her. He was a silent defender and friend when she was humiliated or hurt in front of the whole school, he showed up when she needed him most She was cruel, vindictive, and judgemental without even knowing him, so he wasn't about to fall for her act just because she was lonely What if she really and truly enjoyed his company?

And, worst of all, what would she do when her sudden interest in him explodes in colorful fireworks on the fearsome five's radar? What would she do to protect him? It nearly tore my heart out of my chest. Some people will never give up on their lack of belief in you. I'm used to that feeling, but for the first time ever, it hurts. Lastly, I have to say this: This book was so epic that I.

To see what percentage I was at. It was so engrossing, addicting, and mind-boggling that I didn't even think while I read! I always check because I'm always ready for the next book I'm going to read. But not this one-My mind was fully immersed in the story and nothing else mattered. I loved our main character so much it was a visceral, deep feeling and her life became my life and Venomous, tortuous, and pulse-pounding , this subtle book sneaks up on you and sinks it's claws into your soul. Dinner plans??? Lets rush 'em, because this book was all I could think about. The Oscars? Who needs 'em!!

I don't know why I'd never read anything by Courtney Summers before, but after This is Not a Test and now this one, I will forever be a fan. I can't get enough and I will shove her books in other people's faces like a deranged drug pusher from now until the end of time-I've succeeded with a few of my friends This is better.

Because yes I finished it but for now I'm completely unable to rate it. It would be a positive rating 3. I'm kicking the ball into touch, sorry. Yes, this book disturbed me that much, and I think a reread will be necessary for me to make a decision. This no-rating is bugging me. Let's give it a 4. Because I CAN, duh. Indeed, while the writing was flawless and the book literally unputdownable , I'm not sure how I feel about the treatment of the issue of bullying.

Call me a baby girl, but I never, ever , saw people acting like that. To be frank, I was so disturbed that I asked some good friends of mine - who attended different high-schools than me - and the fact is, if of course, unfortunately, I have witnessed bullying actions during my school days, there are some scenes here that I wasn't able to fucking imagine : view spoiler [the raw meat in the locker, for example hide spoiler ].

That was too much for me. And if in a messed-up way, I can understand why Kara and Regina act like this, Anna the super villain was a freaking alien to me. I don't get it. So take my opinion with a grain of salt, because I'm maybe just a lucky baby girl. I'm serious. I mean, I get that a lot of ill things can happen without any witnesses, but I was a teenager, I worked in a high-school, and I can't understand how no adult takes action. Where are the parents? The school staff? Finally, the ending was too rushed for my taste - after all this angst, ending so rapidly was just Don't get fooled, I honestly think that this book is really good and painfully necessary.

The fact that I don't get it is perhaps the point here, because it leads me to think about the issue of bullying and to ask myself if I was particularly lucky or just fucking blind. I don't know, and that's what bothers me the most. This is going to be a tough review because I don't normally rate anything written by Courtney Summers this low.

“The Girl on the Train,” by Paula Hawkins

When I first started reading, I thought I was really going to enjoy this one. It starts off well enough, with Summers' distinctively gritty writing showing us a world of teenage drugs, alcohol, and sex that quickly explodes into a slightly terrifying assault. I think my biggest gripe is that this story never really slows down. The bullies are a bit over-the-top, almost to the point of This is going to be a tough review because I don't normally rate anything written by Courtney Summers this low.

The bullies are a bit over-the-top, almost to the point of being cartoon villains, and I spent a couple of hours watching them basically rip Regina Afton apart. If you've ever seen the movie Crank , that's the best example I can give of how this book's pacing feels. It's just one emotional upheaval after another until the reader is nearly desensitized to the entire thing, but worn down by just how much negativity and vileness is rolling off the characters.

And then the book just ends. Just like that. There aren't really any epiphanies, I don't think anyone learned any lessons at all Wait, I know how to describe why I'm disappointed; it was too draining while not providing nearly enough emotional payoff at the end. It felt pointless. I don't like reading things that feel pointless. View all 10 comments. Jul 12, Kathe L rated it liked it. Actual rating: 3,5 stars Maybe it's unfair to do this review right now, given the emotional place I am.

But I need to take everything out of my chest. This may be a horrible, confused review, though. Beginning to that you-know-which part of the book: I almost couldn't read this. I almost threw up a lot of times. The thin Actual rating: 3,5 stars Maybe it's unfair to do this review right now, given the emotional place I am. The thing is: if someone comes to you, bruised, crying and says someone just tried to rape you, what do you do?

You tell her not to tell your other friends and not to say a thing to the police, and the girl, freaked out, just accepts it and spends the weekend in a dark space. On Monday, what happens? You 'steal' her friends and you tell them the girl slept with Anna's boyfriend this boyfriend tried to rape the girl and these supposed friends don't believe that the girl was almost raped.

I introduce you to Kara , the 'you' person in this situation. And she freaked me out. I couldn't assimilate the fact that someone would actually do this to another person. But then, we meet, meet Anna , and Regina, the girl who was almost raped, better. And oh, boy. I was someone. I was Regina Afton. I was Anna Morrison's best friend. These weren't small things, and despite what you may think, at the time they were worth keeping my mouth shut for. She was Anna's best friend since forever, but then she 'sleeps' with Donnie, the guy Anna 'wanted', and Anna casts her out socially and because she's queen of the school, everyone gives Regina the cold shoulder as well.

Anna is someone who I didn't feel a thing for. My main problems, for a very long time in this book, were Regina and Kara. Why Regina, you say? The victim here? Before she was left out, Regina used to do everything Anna said. If Anna asked Regina to make Liz's life a hell just for the fun of it, Regina would do it.

That's why she doesn't have anyone in school who feels compassion towards her. She did incredibly bad things to a lot of people. That left me very sad. I used to have bad friends who would abuse me academically, asking me to do their homework and passing answers during tests. But never to do anyone harm, and I would never do it as well, even if, at the time, I was petrified of them.

Regina did these stuff for years, and she ruined lives. Now she's confused, she's scared, she wants redemption, she's angry at her old 'friends'. All of them ugly sides, you know? I don't even know how to explain, I just Anna, her supposed best friend. Kara, wanting to - desperately - be friends with Anna seeing what she does.

Why would everyone want that? And Regina, unfortunately, was paying for what she did all those years in the most horrifying way possible. That's why, in a point, this book is, indeed, horrifying. Where where Regina's parents? And her teachers? This was Where and who is our hero in this? Both Regina's are completely different people and this one wasn't perfect, but was mature, in a sort of way.

While 'old' Regina was a mess of sadness, confusion, rage, indecision, this one made me extremely proud in a specific scene and was dealing with stuff with her head high. At least I thought so. He lost his mom a while ago, and he was one of the kids that Regina used to bother - in lack of a stronger word. Still, he is with Regina the whole book.

Yes, she changes, but he does as well. And I thought him to be kind, strong, and extremely real. My absolute favorite from start to finish. I can't tell you not to read this because It makes you stronger and it opens your eyes to a situation I had never seen before. I just wasn't I would say this was a kick to my stomach but seeing I only finished this ten minutes ago, it's still too fresh. This book is disturbing in a learning kind of way. It left me scared and with huge bruises on my bubble, you know? At the same time I know there are horrible people out there, it still pains me to read a story like this one.

What if someone reads this and identifies? I would never reread this, but I would never un-read it. It's a strange feeling but a feeling only Courtney Summers can bring out on me, this amazing writer that keep us hooked from the start.

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This is my third book from her and I'll definitely keep going, because she makes me feel. And that's one surprising and amazing thing. View all 12 comments. Apr 30, Sana rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , contemporary , im-all-kinds-of-shook , i-have-a-heart , badass-chicks , daddies , young-adult. I'm dead inside!!!!! Buddy read with xD. View all 18 comments. Nov 15, Lara rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , faves-from , giveaways , arc , contemporary-teen-romance. I received this in the mail last night from First Reads and started it immediately.

And wow. This book was so hard to read, but practically impossible to put down. I loved the characters and hated them at the same time. It's really fantastically written and Summers managed to make me feel all of the anger and desperation and exhaustion and loneliness and fear and exaltation and This is not your typical tame teen fluff by any means.

Everyone in this book is totally screwed up and horrible to each other, and there's not a whole lot of redemption to be had, though there are some second chances. For the most part, though, it's a thrillingly heart-wrenching read. I felt the main conflict was resolved a little too easily somehow, but I loved the very end. Oh, those delicious, tortured emo boys I haven't read Summers' first novel, Cracked Up to Be, but it's going on my to-read list immediately, and I'll definitely be looking forward to whatever she puts out next.

Thanks, First Reads!!! Aug 27, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook.

If you would ask me point blank if I enjoyed reading this novel, my answer would be no. Because can you really enjoy something that hurts so much? Can you find delight in something that pisses you off so much? Now, if you asked me if this novel is one that needs to be read? Not only is that answers yes, but I would also add that this is a story that I'm thoroughly thankful for. It shines the most brutal light on bullying, not giving us a choice to look at it first hand. To experience the pain, t If you would ask me point blank if I enjoyed reading this novel, my answer would be no.

To experience the pain, the remorse, the emptiness that our protagonist feels. And Courtney does this in a way that ambushes you, with a narrator who was once a bully herself; a girl who has done to others what is now being done to her, yet you find it in yourself to forgive her no matter how much you thought you would never want to. Regina was a bully - before she was the bullied.

She once tortured a girl to the point of making her suicidal. She did terrible, revolting things. I completely hated her for who she used to be. Yes, I hated our protagonist from the very start, and you likely will too, at first.

When a rumor makes her the school pariah, I wasn't sad to see her finally taken down a notch. She reminded me of some of the bullies at my high school, and I would lie if I said I'd feel sorry if they had gotten a taste of their own medicine. But then… I didn't feel that way anymore. If anything, I felt empty. I just wanted it all to stop. Getting humiliated is one thing, but what Regina goes through in this novel is not anything anyone deserves.

I only wanted her to get a freaking break. Then, I became angry. Angry in a way that made me see red. So much so that Regina's small victories against her own bullies became major sources of pleasure. What this says about me, I'm afraid to know, but nothing made me happier than to see her slap the bitch! This drive to do something is a big part of what I loved about this novel; even though there were often better solutions, Regina doesn't just sit there and take it.

In the end, yes I forgave her. I think she fully deserves the guilt that she will forever have to live with, but I also believe she's now a better person. She grew from this experience and learned from it a great deal. Still, forgiving her was not easy for me, but Courtney has a way of making you feel Then, after all of that pain, after each page that amplifies this overpowering need to see justice View all 4 comments.

Jan 19, Cory rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , favorites , young-adult. If you follow my reviews, you know how much I hate clique books and mean girls. I expected to really dislike this book. I thought it would just be another Gossip Girls wannabe. For once, I was wrong. First impressions can be deceiving.

But unlike Sarah Dessen, Courtney Summers knows how to handle gritty topics. She was almost raped by Donnie, the boyfriend of her best-friend, Anna, at a party. Regina made the mistake of going to Kara, a fellow mean girl that hates her, and telling Kara the entire story. Kara warps the story and tells Anna that Regina and Donnie slept together.

Now Regina is an outcast and is being tormented everyday at school by Anna and her previous friends, Kara, Jeannette, and Marta. Oh, and the whole school hates her. The only person she can confide in, is Michael, a boy who's life she once made miserable. I liked Regina.

She had flaws, and she admitted them. I hate protagonists like Bella Swan and Norah Grey who've never done anything wrong in their entire lives. The truth is, we've all done something we regret before. At least 1 out of 5 people has participated in bullying someone else. It might not be to the extremes presented in this book, but if you've done it, you know you've done it.

Lets face it, even if you don't like Regina, you can understand the situation she's in. Everyone has wanted to be popular at one point. A lot of people are willing to do anything to be popular. But they never expect for karma to retaliate. I've read a few reviews of this book, and a lot of people say that the bullying presented is unrealistic. We've all heard the tales of boys being bullied. Boys being sodomized in locker rooms, boys getting swirlies and wedgies, boys getting the crap beaten out of them in bathrooms.

So girls can't get bullied? Girl on girl bullying is an entirely different beast. Girls don't exactly have the physical strength to beat the shit out of someone -- or maybe some do? And for the record, I'm under the impression that Anna is a sociopath. She feels no guilt, no empathy, and she's a horrible manipulator.

I also liked Michael. While the romance between him and Regina happened a bit to quick for my liking, I still appreciated the fact that he wasn't running to forgive her. He stuck to his guns. Courtney Summers has a way of making you hate her villains. You know that feeling you get whenever you're watching Silence of the Lambs, you just want Buffalo Bill to die, or when you're watching the Karate Kid.

They make you really hate the villains. Summers manages to do this, while still making them somewhat three dimensional. I kept on wishing for Regina to do something to Kara and Anna -- anything! Yesterday, I thought really hard about what I was going to say about this book.

The whole rape situation with Regina and Donnie seemed somewhat illogical to me at first. Kinda like in Speak. But then it came to me, why no-one believed Regina.

Actions and Detail Panel

She knew Donnie for two years. In date rape cases, the victim is hardly ever believed. Plus, Kara lied first. I might hate everyone for not believing her, I understand why they didn't. As for the drugs and the drinking, while some of it stretches my belief a little -- to the point of being unbelievable -- here in Albuquerque there were three underage drinking party busts in just two months.

I can understand how they were doing that much drinking, even if I don't think it's a good idea. My main problem with Speak is that no-one notices what Melinda is going through. That's not a problem with Some Girls Are. Everyone at school notices, they just don't care. Teachers are actually used in this book, even if they're pretty useless. Even her parents notice to some extent, but Regina just refuses to tell them what's wrong. And the pacing is pretty good. I liked the writing style too. In all, this is a pretty good book. Content wise, it's got some drugs, some drinking, mentions of sex, and a lot of language.

But compared to other YA books, it's pretty mild. It would be PG if it was a movie. And it says drugs and drinking to the point of passing out are wrong, and it shows bullying in a negative light, so it's got a moral. This is much better than Cracked Up to Be , Summer's debut. I'd recommend it to anyone and I'll definitely be checking out her next book. Aug 12, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: mmxii , the-kids-are-all-right. Some girls are weak, some girls are conniving, some girls are wretched, vile, petty, reprehensible, fucktards, beastly, browbeaters, evil, injurious, dreadful, loathsome, tormentors, insolent, spiteful, and just fucking mean.

Some girls are twats. I will also take this moment to let you know that this damn summer cold thing has greatly altered my perc Some girls are weak, some girls are conniving, some girls are wretched, vile, petty, reprehensible, fucktards, beastly, browbeaters, evil, injurious, dreadful, loathsome, tormentors, insolent, spiteful, and just fucking mean. You guys gave The Giver the 4 spot? Good on ya! I did not become attached to this book. I read it as I would a magazine article. Hey look there, huh. I know this lot. I know how they work. Mine was pre social media and really just took inane cheerleaders who had nothing else to do but torment me.

But Sue and Twissa My children get bullied My kids are pretty resilient, I hope. They have more gusto than their mom, probably got that from the dad, but they do hurt. Like the day that Izzy came home because she heard a couple of girls talking about a rumor that Izzy threw up before lunch so no one should go near her. For shits and giggles, I googled 'Who is the meanest person in the world? So sad. She deserves it.

She can try to repent all she wants, she can try to undo all she wants, she can fucking martyr herself. First of all, wearing the same outfits every day? First clue? You think so low of yourself that you cannot figure this out? How important is all this to you? I just never have. Popularity seems equivalent to being stupid. I would never strive for such. Yet, I know… I know… that there are girls out there doing this. Where is the fun? Is drama your main motivation?

Ruining the high school years of girls who are already dealing with the high school fears and not trusting their true self and all that garbage that every After school special drilled into us the parents? Where are the parents of these monsters? Watching babies in tiaras or desperate housewives. Yes, this goes much deeper than a humbled, shy, ill, 40 something with her own self worth issues.

Yes, Regina… suck that antacid and deal. Spend the rest of your life wondering what made you decide that this was the path that you needed to follow. That it was better to do this than to be alone at lunch. And fuck you for getting the cute, dysfunctional writer boy in the end. Screw that? The game is bullshit and the players are twats. Please get a life. Aug 23, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: wishlist , favorites , books-that-linger.

Courtney Summers is the type of author who makes her novels feel physically real.

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For me, reading a book by her is more than just feeling the book, the crisp pages beneath my fingers or the soft paperback in my palms; it's about that slow pressure that builds in my head, pounding in tension, and that ulcer-like knot in my stomach, stealing the breath out from me. It isn't a pleasant feeling, but I almost crave it, for the moment I crack open the spine of one of these books, I can't put the book Courtney Summers is the type of author who makes her novels feel physically real.

It isn't a pleasant feeling, but I almost crave it, for the moment I crack open the spine of one of these books, I can't put the book down. I just can't. It's psychologically frightening, but so are these books. And I love them for that. Some Girls Are follows the story of Regina, a former mean girl.

Seriously, Regina is that girl who stood there and watched you get bullied. She's the one who made you feel inferior, whose voice would linger in your mind as doubts, whose face inspired fear. Granted, she's not the ring leader - that's Anna - but as the puppy dog, she's even worse. Our story begins, however, with a rape. Regina's rape. By Anna's boyfriend. And then a broken confession of this torn night to an enemy. An enemy who tells Regina to go home, to act as if nothing happened, but when Regina walks into school on Monday, the word is out: Regina slept with Anna's boyfriend.

And Anna is out for revenge because, as a mean girl, revenge is what she does best. If you're not a fan of books that make you squirm with discomfort or force your fist to your mouth so you won't scream of horror, pain, and disbelief, then don't pick this one up. Summers always writes novels that explore the darker side of humanity, but this is probably the toughest to get through. Regina deserves to be ostracized, to be taken down, to be laughed at, but she didn't deserve to get raped. It is here that we enter into a realm of gray area because, honestly, the only action that justifies that Regina isn't wholly bad is the fact that she is a victim of rape.

If you're waiting for a hidden side to Regina, you'll only keep waiting. Sure, she didn't want to terrorize others and follow Anna's orders, but the very fact that she did makes her bad enough. And yet, as is always the classic case with any Summers novel, she makes us like, feel, and sympathize with her unconvential heroines.

I wasn't entirely sold on the path Summers took with this, but by the end, it all came together perfectly with an ambiguous ending that was just the right amount of relief, punch, and puzzlement. And yet, that isn't to say this novel is perfect. I felt there was a sincere lack of parent interaction, not to mention the teachers in this school turn a convenient blind eye to everything.

Honestly, the full impact of this book can only be felt with a solid suspension of belief. And, in some ways, I am willing to concede this point. Some Girls Are explores the twisted nature of the human mind, not so much in Regina's past, but rather in her present inability to let go and mount revenge instead. I love this book for all the ambiguity present in it, from Regina to Michael, her only friend.

With the two of them, there is an unlikely friendship - unlikely because Regina made his life hell too; forced him to become a loner and ostracized him. And despite the strangeness of their relationship, the almost unhealthy quality to it, it was one of my favorite aspects of the story merely because it was so nuanced, so raw, so real and gutting.

As is everything in this book. Every line, every sentence It seems like I'm exaggerating, but that left over feeling of numbness and disbelief and rage and relief and heartache that comes with the end of this novel speaks for itself. Some Girls Are is a novel I would not hesitate to recommend, but only because I'm a masochist. I love the shocking feeling Summers's novels give me. I love being terrified to open the covers; I love that feeling when I can feel my sanity ebbing away as I become more and more immersed in the lives of these oh-so-real characters; I love the numbness every time I force myself not to set the book down, not to scream, not to shout; and most of all, I love that at the end, I am so, so blown away.

And an emotional wreck, but that's irrelevant compared to the sheer scope of the novel itself. If you're looking for anything like that, for a book that can make you feel - make you live - that much, then look no farther than Courtney Summers. You simply cannot go wrong with her. View all 5 comments. Mar 18, Janina rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , young-adult-fiction , given-away. What is there to say about this book?

It is a book I most definitely did not enjoy reading, yet it was almost impossible to stop. Some Girls Are is this car wreck. Not in terms of writing or plot, no, certainly not. But in terms of being cruel, dark and almost brutal in its honesty. She does extremely awful and What is there to say about this book? She does extremely awful and cruel things to other people just to please her in-crowd friends, and she is too scared of being rejected by them to speak up against what they do.

Brian Summers - Girl In The Dark EP / Feelings Worldwide FLING - Vinyl

So she goes along with them, bullying fellow students until they are on the verge of committing suicide. Looking back, she reminds me a lot of Sam from Before I Fall. Suddenly, Regina finds herself alone and threatened by her former clique. And believe me, what these girls do to her is sometimes hard to take. I'm glad I've never high school girls like them. They trap others in closets, put old meat in their lockers, shove them down stairs, design hate websites, blackmail and beat them up and then leave them alone on a deserted field.

It was sometimes hard to imagine and hard to take that there really are girls like that out there. Even though Regina felt sorry for what she did in the past, I had a rough time relating to her. I felt pity for her, but I also hated her for being such a weak person. Nevertheless, I needed to know what would happen to her, and if she would be able to redeem herself in the end.

All in all, not necessarily a book to enjoy, but I would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for a darker and grittier portrayal of high school life. View all 7 comments. Aug 08, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , i-cried , contemporary , romance , favourites , writing-envy , swoony-guys , i-could-eat-this. Some girls are blackmailers. Some girls are bullies. Some girls are liars. Some girls are were your friends. I read this book about a month ago however it is still vibrating through my body, still so vivid, still so affecting.

Some Girls Are, turned out to affect me more than I expected. So forgive my personal review. Which mind you, took many tears to wring out of me as well as muting the story so I wasn't pouring my guts to the world. I haven't exactly had the greatest years at school ever since high-school reached around the corner. There's always that mean girl that rules the clique and struts around the class like she owns it. Hell, I remember that she'd shout at anyone- specifically me if I was in her way. Yet I don't think she chose to victimise me because I can get mentally weak, she started bullying me because we were best friends at the start of high-school.

Then we grew apart after she befriended 'the most popular girl in the year level' and kicked me out of the group. She gave me a difficult time at school- being racist, scrutinising me, yelling at me, turning my friends against me, making rumours about me, giving odd looks at my parents whenever she saw them, and I was already experiencing difficulties at home. I had no one to turn to during that time. I still hadn't got into reading. I was an utter mess. I was depressed. I still sort of am. But my mess is still going through the process being cleaned up by my new embrace towards books, you lovely book people and much, much better friends.

And what I realised was; I'm better than her. I won't let her get to me. Like the synopsis states, she's gonna fall. And, ever so expectedly, Courtney Summers delivers. My experience with Regina felt like dissecting a once-upon-a-time mean girl. This is where Regina and I was unlike each-other, I was never a mean girl. I was myself- which was a reason why I got kicked out of my group. Regina's personality was highly likable which was a main contributing factor to why I enjoyed Some Girls Are so much.

Despite how jarring and uncomfortable this book made me, Michael evened out the scales. Contradictory to several other YA novels, Courtney does not simply throw in a love interest for the sake of being there. Michael was a victim of Regina and her clique's bulling.

So when Regina is frozen out, the only person she can turn to is Michael who may not ever accept her. I'm rather impressed with the high-school stereotypes Courtney meddled with. I guess I've become much more flexible about them in novels as more and more I am finding them to be simply realistic. However this is only the case when they are implemented correctly and craftily.

Not just for wasteful drama. The themes here also deserve a grand ovation let's save the huge ovation for the writing from this ninja-author Some Girls Are is about forgiveness. Like Michael's. Hi Camp Nicolet Families and Friends! Jeremy Starz, Director of Operations, here with a preview of some exciting things summer has in store! Memories That Last a Lifetime. Your Summer Camp in Northern Wisconsin The girls at camp play hard all day, gather around the fireplace in their cozy cabins at night, and make lifetime friendships.

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