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The building materials were initially dropped in the original location, then helicoptered again close to the new location. From this point an ATV was required to move the material to the building site. Our club members dedicated many hours, days and weeks of their time to the making this a reality. This shelter was also enjoyed by local hunters, hikers, campers, ATV riders, and other snowmobilers. A number of people have reached out to us about how much they appreciated the shelter, what it meant to them, and have forwarded their pictures or comments.

Some have volunteered to help re-build in the future. It is wonderful to hear these heartfelt stories and memories at this time of loss. Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club have been around for 45 years with many dedicated members. We are saddened by the loss of our emergency shelter. We are committed to working with Forestry and other organizations to scope out our options later this year. At the Hamburg exhibition, which opens this weekend, the refugees' images will be complemented by a selection of shots taken by professionals, who helped to shape the representation of escape routes in the media.

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They all donated their works in order to support the project. Hamza and Abdulmonem, both from Syria, photographed the perilous landing of their dinghy on a Greek island. There were no volunteers to offer them support.

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That is exactly what McElvaney had in mind when he launched RefugeeCameras. So far, he says, the media have offered a "visual blank" in this respect.

After the landing, a young boy in wet clothes and life jacket stands on the pebbled beach. The image brings to mind Aylan Kurdi, the small Syrian boy whose lifeless body was washed ashore on a Turkish beach in September. The child in this picture made it to Europe alive. What became of him is not known. Hamza and Abdulmonem also took this slightly blurred snapshot of the refugee group taking a break. McElvaney handed out 15 disposable cameras in total. Seven of them were returned, one was lost, two were confiscated, two remain in Izmir, where their holders are still stranded.

The remaining three cameras are unaccounted for - just like their owners.

Dyab, a math teacher from Syria, tried to capture some of the better moments of his journey to Germany. Pictured here are his wife and his young son, Kerim, who shows us the packet of biscuits he was given in a Macedonian refugee camp. The images reveal Dyab's deep affection for his son, McElvaney says: "He wants to take care of him, even on this arduous trip which he was forced to take. The story of Saeed, from Iran, is a different one.

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The young man had to leave the country after converting to Christianity. He could have been arrested or even killed. In order to be accepted as a refugee, he pretended to be Afghan. After his arrival in Germany, he explained his situation to the authorities' satisfaction. He now lives - as an Iranian - in Hanau, Hesse.

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In another snapshot taken by Saeed, a volunteer working in a refugee camp somewhere between Croatia and Slovenia entertains a group of children, who try to imitate his tricks. While Germany is still set to process over a million asylum applications in , the number of migrants traveling through the so-called Balkan route has dwindled to a trickle after Austria pressured countries to close their borders to asylum seekers.

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But the route's closure has shifted migration from the Aegean Sea to the central Mediterranean, with Italy receiving more than , migrants in , many arriving via Libya. Nearly 3, people have died attempting the dangerous voyage. A state attorney general has said he wants to seize records from the Federal Migration Office over the possible use of fake passports by refugees entering Germany. The issue has stirred tensions in Merkel's coalition. Thousands of people have been left virtually homeless following a blaze at the Moria refugee camp.

The situation on Lesbos remains desperate for refugees following violence and a fire at the Moria detention center. Marianna Karakoulaki and Dimitris Tosidis report from Mytilini. At least 42 people have died after a boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsized near the Egyptian coastline. The boat was reportedly carrying migrants and refugees from Egypt, Syria and several African countries.

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A boy who is soaking wet, volunteers entertaining children, moments of danger and of joy: RefugeeCameras shows images taken during the journey to Europe. It is the subject of a new exhibition in Hamburg. Tensions in the Gulf region dominated the agenda in New York.