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Vantage Press, See appendix. We have made no effort to give more than cursory reviews of titles which are discussed at length in Dr. However, since the publication of the Foster book, many new novels of lesbianism have been published, and the diligent search of many collectors, working with the Checklist editors, has brought many old ones to light.

We have tried to review in some detail the novels which were omitted from Dr. It is our further contention that many novels dealing with male homosexuality come also within the province of the serious collector of lesbiana. We make, however, no claim for completeness for novels which fall within the homosexual, rather than the lesbian province.

In general, the male titles included in this list—clearly defined, in each case, by the sign m —have been included because they were of special interest to the editors and therefore are presumably of interest to other collectors of lesbiana. For those who wish a complete list of works dealing with male homosexuality, we suggest the comprehensive bibliography compiled by Noel I. Garde, discussed in the Appendix of Related Publications.

Garde has indexed virtually every homosexual work from antiquity to the latest paperback shocker, and has also performed the mighty task of separating them into categories Most of the reviews in the present listing were written by one of the editors; no attempt has been made to divide the reviews written by MZB from those written by Damon. In general, these reviews have been gathered from so many sources that the awarding of individual credit would be impossible.

This Checklist, , is the last of the cumulative Checklists. Plans at present are to publish brief supplements annually, listing only new titles, new reprints of old titles, or new discoveries of overlooked titles. Since this is the case, we feel that some brief history of the Checklist might be of interest to the readers. Nearly 10 years ago, in the mailing of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association, a very bitter discussion was raging on the subject of censorship—pro and con.

Complicating this discussion, a man who is now dead, and shall therefore be nameless, published a scathing attack on homosexuals. This leaflet had a cartoon cover and the general light-hearted tone of the publication was indicated by the title, which was Fairy Tales for Fabulous Faps. However, soon after this, Mr. Drummond dropped out of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association, and your present editor had no impetus to continue the series single-handed. Early in the history of the publication known as THE LADDER, your senior editor had the privilege of reviewing the Foster book mentioned above, while the junior editor was in charge of the Lesbiana column.

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After reading the Foster work, your editor MZB resolved to publish a list of the omitted titles; when I began cutting the mimeograph stencils, however, I resolved to review not only the titles which Dr. Foster had omitted, but all of those which I had read, for the purpose of putting into print my own personal opinions and reactions. Number 1, however, was a mimeographed booklet of my own fiction, published during my late teens for the FAPA, mentioned above.

Through this first Checklist, I came into contact with Miss Damon, and because paperback lesbiana was blossoming on all the stands, we quickly resolved to publish another Checklist. On the whole this is a good thing. Your editors have conscientiously waded through all this newsstand slush and believe me, we get no kick out of it because experience has taught us that even the worst peddlers of commercialized sex-trash sometimes come up with exceptionally well-written, honest and sincere work.

For instance, Beacon Books a subsidiary of Universal Publishing and Distributing Company —some of whose paperback originals can be called printable only by the uttermost charity,—are currently also publishing the work of Artemis Smith, one of the major writers in the variant field today. However, actually reviewing the majority of this stuff is impossible. Most of these books are not novels at all. They have impossibly complex plots—or no plots at all—since the story exists only as an excuse for the characters to jump into amorous exercise with the closest male, or female, or sometimes both.

We also realize, flatly and realistically, that too much license in this stuff is going to bring on a wave of public reaction which may impose a sure-enough censorship—making the standards of the s and s look liberal. Now obviously the field of homosexual literature is going to place a certain emphasis on the sexual problems of humanity which will be quantitatively greater than that of—say—the Western novel, or the detective story.

Sex alone has not been made an excuse for consigning any novel to the trashbin. However, in self-defense, we have had to find a way to dispose of the more repetitive rubbish. Regrettably, we are well aware that some people are going to use this designation in precisely the opposite fashion than we intended—- go through the list picking out the sexy books and carefully avoiding the others.

Each to her own taste, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow. We wish here to give some slight acknowledgment to all those who, over the years since the initiation of this endeavor, have contributed overlooked titles, pointed out our errors, sent comments, criticisms and sometimes cash, laboriously tracked down elusive data, worked as unpaid researchers and stencil-cutters, and in general helped us to feel we were not working in a vacuum.

Special acknowledgments are due to Dr. Jeannette Howard Foster, unfailingly generous and gracious in allowing us to pick her brains; to Leslie Laird Winston, of the Winston Book Service; to the editors of THE LADDER, Del Martin in particular, for helping us to publicize our Checklist, and for allowing us to use reviews run in the Lesbiana column; to Forrest Ackerman, for endless help and encouragement; and to Kerry Dame, whose generous gift of stamps proved invaluable to the heavy load of correspondence necessary to keep this one-woman publishing house rolling.

And to all those others, anonymous by choice, who have sent small gifts of cash and stamps, turned up elusive paperbacks for me in news-standless West Texas, contributed reviews and data, and, above all, provided cheer and encouraging support. We hope this Checklist is half as much fun for you to read as it was for us—all things considered—to prepare. Comments and criticisms are invited. Occasionally used to call attention to a fine new release or the discovery of an old title overlooked in previous bibliographies. In general, the plus sign has been reserved for books of honest purpose, sincere if not always entirely favorable treatment of the homosexual theme, and some genuine literary merit.

In one or two cases, a plus has been given to a book of little intrinsic worth because of some major and exceptional contribution to thought on the variant theme; or to an occasional book for being extremely good entertainment of its kind, even if no masterpiece. We have tried to avoid including only our favorites.

A very large proportion of such novels, however, contain some discussion of female variance, or lesbian characters, as well. By at your own risk Waster—good solid entertainment and reasonably well-written, though worthless as literature. This is the literary ghetto, the gutter books, the commercialized sex trash as distinguished from honest erotic realism.

The Moments Between. Characters in a college novel include an instructor—male—who is homosexual, very sympathetically portrayed. Also a subtle, but sympathetic attachment between an unlovely, unloved student and an older woman; the relationship is shown as constructive for both in the end. Appointment in Paris. An American girl in Paris has a brief affair with a French woman and is thereby enabled to break the hold of her old-maid aunt.

She later marries. Queer Patterns.

Sweet Dreams Extended Cut Edition Hard Boiled Thriller A Mark Appleton Thriller Book 1

Trashy shocker about young Nora Card, who briefly forsakes her boy friend, Roger, for a corrupt lesbian employer. Warped Desires. Teenage Doris goes to a boarding school and is seduced by everyone on the premises, male and female. Good reading, if somewhat biased. Madhouse in Washington Square. Lippincott, Mystery novel of high quality, introducing a pair of lesbians for window-dressing. Pity for Women. Dark Laughter. Very slight. Poor White ; N. Adam and Two Eves. Macauley Co, N.

Evening waster. All Shook Up. Alan, small-town teen-age rowdy, fights against his friendship with newcomer Howard Sirche, because it is rumored that Howard, who avoids women, is homosexual. Very good of its kind. Just what it sounds like. Arkham House, Sauk City, Wisconsin.

Fantasy, A Journey With Love. Bridgehead Books, , pbr Crest Books Nothing is explicit. Tells of the captivation of a young woman by an unscrupulous literary agent who also happens to be a lesbian. Highly defamatory. Young Man with A Horn. Boston; Houghton Mifflin, , pbr Signet Very minor lesbian incident in a jazz novel. Dial , pbr Signet , m. An American boy in Paris fights against his affair with a young Italian, Giovanni; his fear and resistance to this relationship leads to separation, tragedy and their separate destruction.

A powerful, tender and tragic book. The Called and the Chosen. A good study of repression and frustration in convent life, containing passim the story of Sister Helena, novice-mistress; although her behavior was strictly correct even for a nun, she once inspired such violent passions in her juniors that she was removed from this office. Cousin Bette. Classic; many standard editions and translations. The Girl with the Golden Eyes. Many standard editions and translations, including; pbr Avon Books , trans. Ernest Dowson. Shocker of the 19th century, dealing with the passion of the Chevalier de Marsay for a strange, unspoilt girl, Paquita—who is virtually enslaved to a sinister lesbian Countess.

London, J. A romance of an angelic hermaphrodite. All of these are classics of world literature, as well as the literature of variance, and are apt to be available even in small libraries. These three form a single, connected narrative, although any of the three novels can be read as a self-contained story.

The first volume introduces the heroine of the series, Laura Landon, at college; where, in undergoing an affair with her room-mate, lovely but frigid Beth, she discovers her homosexuality. Softened by the affair, Beth marries, and Laura runs away. Tiring of this life, Laura runs away again, this, time to marry a male homosexual friend, Jack, in a search for stability and permanence. Despite wild improbabilities and gimmicky, contrived situations, these are perhaps the major contribution to lesbian literature in the paperback field anywhere.

This collection also contains short stories of m interest. A well-known and excellent lesbian novel laid in Paris. NY, Greenberg , m hcr Pan, Although those short stories all deal with male homosexuality, their coherent, fresh and constructive philosophy make this a book of primary importance for every reader.

Malignant Stars. Signe, a handsome Valkyrie-type girl, is found dead, and the note beside her body is apparently a love letter from her roommate Lyn; the suspicion that Lyn is her lover and murderer forms the main theme of the plot. Well done. Theme for Ballet. Minor but excellent. Mrs Egg and Other Barbarians.

Knopf, Mademoiselle Giraud, My Wife. Typically the husband drowns this monstrous creature other woman during an ostensible seaside rescue. Elsie and the Child. The Pretty Lady. A subtle picture of indirect variance between two women in wartorn Paris. Blackberry Wilderness. Esoteric, melancholy, beautifully written short stories, of which two are overtly lesbian in content. The Last Innocence. McGraw Hill, Story of Paula, a member of a French provincial family. Who He? The Rat Race. Tense, tightly plotted novel of split personality.

Creep Into thy Narrow Bed. Dial , pbr Pyramid Very good of kind. Vanguard, The Captive. Drama based on a triangle—man, wife, and a woman who is winning the affections of the latter. The End of My Life. The Hound of Earth. Scribner , pbr Permabooks, , m. Also includes a minor, and unsympathetic lesbian character. The Hotel. Dial A shy young girl sent to catch a husband at a fashionable hotel is, instead, captivated by a sophisticated woman. Two Serious Ladies.

The emancipation of an inhibited American housewife. Also qpb, Beacon Press, , m. Monday Night. Harcourt , her New Directions. Brief account of a lesbian affair through the eyes of a child. Science Fiction novel; intensely emotional relationship between three wives of alien bureaucrat leads to jealousy and 12 tragedy when the eldest, Cassiana, takes an outsider into their home and makes a favorite of her.

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  4. Science fiction of split personality, one equivocally homosexual. The Night Horseman. Unusual Western story of a strange cowboy who has an almost supernatural influence on horses and other men; his foster father mysteriously declines when he leaves, makes a miraculous recovery when he returns home. Subtle and good of its kind. The Looking Glass Heart. Sagamore, One lesbian episode, treated vaguely. The Needle. Overly contrived shocker about Gina, a young girl who falls simultaneously into narcotics, lesbianism, prostitution and the hands of a weird couple dabbling in incest.

    Evening waster, rather better than most but leaves a bitter taste. Library Very well-written novel of Paula Harman, young school-teacher coming to terms with her life as a lesbian through bitter experience. Greenberg , pbr Avon , Purple-patched sloppily sentimental tale of Sheila, beautiful young actress with a perfect husband who nevertheless loses her heart to Nicoli, a stereotype lesbian complete with tuxedo.

    They part to avoid gossip and live unhappily ever after. The Rains Came. Collier , pbr Bantam In a long novel of India there is a brief but important episode involving two old missionary ladies. The elder, an engaging old battleax, muses as she tucks the younger and sillier into bed that her friend had never understood why they had been driven out of the school where they had, as young girls, been teaching.

    Ironically, the nice old grim one is killed in a flood while the silly one remains to pester everybody. Four men, marooned on a desert island in WW2. King of a Rainy Country. Poignant novel of a young girl who lives with Neale, a young male homosexual, out of wedlock. They both become enamored with a portrait of Cynthia, a girl out of the childhood of the heroine Prison Girl.

    A few of these books are excellent. Star Against Star. Story of a girl conditioned from childhood to lesbian affairs, first by an overly seductive mother, then by a school friend. The book has the doom-ridden atmosphere of its day, and is emotional and somewhat over-written. Female Convict. Macaulay , pbr Pyramid More women in prison and the unfortunate relationships developing among them. Entertaining the Islanders. Scribners, Sophisticated, satirical, novel in which a man becomes aware that his ex-sweetheart has been captivated by another woman. Sloane Associates, , Berkley pbr , , , An English schoolgirl, sent to boarding school in Paris, becomes an unwitting third party to a long-standing affair between Julie and Cara, the two schoolmistresses.

    The Bondsman. This story is probably more explicit, emotionally, than 14 anything written before the 20th century and the freedom given by Freud to the emotions of novelists. The Deemster. Rand McNally, , Chicago; D. Appleton, ; numerous other editions. A glorified friendship between two cousins ends in murder. Tragic Ground. Random House , pbr Signet In the story of a promiscuous, rather pathetic girl, a sadistic lesbian neighbor brings on violent events. Everything very subtle and indirect. Other Voices, Other Rooms. Young boy slowly falling under the influence of a decadent uncle who is a transvestite.

    Both, of these books hint at lesbianism on the cover blurbs, but are, rather, highly risque French novels with brief, irrelevant and heterosexually oriented contact between women characters strictly for voyeuristic effect. Iolaus ; an Anthology of Friendship. The Stone Wall. An Autobiography. Chicago, Eyncourt, Press, In casual, conversational and entirely frank form, a woman born in and therefore, at the time of writing, in her sixties tells the story of her entire life as a lesbian.

    Unfortunately the book is rare and expensive, but it stands alone as a classic of its kind. Go Naked in the World. Scribners Nick Stratton, wounded veteran, returns to find that his girl friend is a call-girl and a lesbian. The Big Sleep. Knopf , pbr Pocket Books , and others. The Edge of Twilight. Airline stewardess Val, in an alcoholic haze, allows herself to make love to a young girl friend, Toni. A Murder is Announced. Dodd, Mead , fco. Suspects include a pair of problematical lesbians. The Exotic Affair. Magnet Books, , scv. All sex and no sentiment makes Jack and Jill sickening and the reviewer sick or, for that matter, Jack and Jack or Jill and Jill.

    Dew in April. Romance of the Middle Ages, laid in the Convent of St. Lazarus of the Butterflies. Dolores, a homeless vagabond, is given shelter by Mother Leonor, a mystic, repressed, white-hot and deeply tender woman whose passionate emotional attachments to her young novices are never explicit but pervade the entire book. Much of the story is concerned with a subtle, sweet and innocently sensual blossoming of adolescent emotions into homo-erotic form under the pressures of convent life; the interplay of delicate love relationships between Dolores, Mother Leonor, and the young novices Dezirada and Clarisse, and their fluctuation between despair, self-sacrifice and compassionate love when Dolores finds a knightly lover, Pedro, is probably unmatched in studies of feminine variance.

    Gold of Toulouse. Sequel to Dew in April , but laid chronologically six or seven years earlier. Though mostly concerned with the adventures of Don Marcos, the Spanish knight, it also tells the story of Leonor, and shows the beginning of her relationship with Dezirada. Muscle Boy. Teen-age athlete inveigled into posing for dirty pictures. Good evening waster. Secrets of a Society Doctor. Greenberg, Collection of short stories, of which two are homosexual. David McKay, , pbr Pyramid, , m.

    Major, excellent, important. Much of the work of this important French novelist was variant. Only the most explicit are named above. The Rock Pool. Scribner , her New Directions n. Very well written novel of a group of expatriates in the South of France.

    Nearly all are homosexuals; the story is told without comment or judgment. Venus in Scorpio. John Lane, Heavily fictionalized biography, erroneously listed elsewhere as a novel of Marie Antoinette, suggesting lesbianism in her adolescence. The classic anthology of short stories about homosexuals; four deal with feminine variance. The Comedians , N. Doran Variant couple in a novel of Imperial Rome. Winter Solstice. Macmillan, A brief variant relationship proves beneficial to a hysterical invalid. Gateway to Remembrance. Andrew Dakers, London Very brief mention of a lesbian couple in a sappy metaphysical novel about Lost Atlantis.

    Case of the Village Tramp. Fast, well-written mystery introduces a pair of lesbians among the suspects; good entertainment. Either is Love. Harcourt, Brace, , pbr Lion Books, , , Pyramid After the death of her husband the narrator re-reads the letters she had written him about her intense love affair with another woman. Almost unequalled treatment of a lesbian romance. A Lesson in Love. The Island at the End of the World. Duell, Sloan and Pearce, An ex-schoolteacher, Patrice, is marooned on a sub-Antarctic island with three nurses; Joan, a nymphomanic; Victoria, a lesbian, and Kathleen, a quite ordinary girl.

    Due to fortuitous circumstances, they manage to assure themselves the necessities of life, and between Robinson-Crusoe-ish struggles, embark on a round of excesses gradually diminished by the horrible deaths of Kathleen, then Victoria. Fascinating, slightly macabre. The Rainbow Bridge. Cushing served for seven years as companion and buffer against the world for the famous prima donna, Olive Fremstad, and Mme. At any rate, both books become more interesting when read together. Possibly the earliest novel of variance. I, Sappho of Lesbos. Castle Books, May Supposedly translated from a Medieval Latin manuscript conveniently lost on the Andrea Doria.

    In first-person, this weaves the better-known traditions about Sappho into a racy, fast-moving novel. The lesbian content is not emphasized, 18 unduly. Writing-wise, this invites comparison with the work of Pierre Louys. Of Lena Geyer. Scribner, Well-known novel of the life of an opera singer. Dawn Breaks the Heart. A lesbian manages to free the protagonist of a mother-complex, because her attitude is free of feminine seductiveness. Harcourt, Brace, So Nice, So Wild. Funny, real fun.

    On the whole I would think not. They are all fairly well written for books of their kind, amusing and entertaining, and bear about the same relationship to the paperback scv—evening wasters that ESQUIRE does to the average cheaper girly magazine. The plot of Non Stop Flight is typical; hero Eric Leighton discovers his wife dallying with a lesbian, so he beats up and rapes the lesbian juicily described whereupon his wife commits suicide. You have been warned. The Blue Chips. In an excellent novel of medical laboratory workers, a very very minor lesbian character.

    The Gay Year. Diana Stair. Long novel of the early 19th century. Diana is a woman writer, but also explores life as mill-girl, school-teacher and abolitionist. Diary of a Nun. Just what it sounds like—fictional diary of a young girl in a convent warding off scandalous advances. Cards of Identity. Hilarious novel of confused identity, dealing with both male and female homosexuality. The Damned One. A member of French aristocracy, ambiguously sexed enough to be classified as female at birth, grows up unequivocally male but retains the name, dress and character of a female to avoid scandal—which comes anyhow when she carries on with an eccentric Englishwoman.

    Moon Kissed. Green Farms, Conn. These are all the same sort of thing, evening wasters or scv, depending on taste. Big handsome men of incredible stamina, engaging incessantly in that one activity besides which all else, is as naught, with a succession of beautiful women, blonde, brunette and redhead.

    Now and then this procession of affairs is varied a little by letting the girls sport with one another to give the heroes a breathing spell. In short sexy books for people who like reading sexy books. Adults only, please. Mountain Time. One very brief overt lesbian episode. The Tents of Wickedness. Memoirs of a Nun. Circular Road, Neasdon, London, N.

    Classic French novel La Religieuse , written in , published in , Reflects the very bitter anti-clerical sentiment of the times just before the Revolution. Seven Gothic Tales. Janet and her dear Phebe. Stokes, Girls story of two loving little chums, separated by a misunderstanding between their families, and re-united as women.

    Though never explicit, the story is emotional and intense. It is highly unlikely the author was quite, aware of the type of attachment she was portraying. The Mischief. Very brief but well-written novel of a young girl who falls in love with a former schoolgirl friend, now married. Loveliest of Friends , Claude Kendall , pbr Berkley , , , due for another. Boyish Kim captivates young happy-housewife Audrey and wrecks her life.

    Preachy outburst against lesbians toward the end.

    Read it with a hanky handy. Curiously enough, in spite of the anti-lesbian bias of the ending, and the overdone sentimentality of the Swinburnian writing, everybody seems to enjoy this one—all the Checklist editors included. Mardigras Madness. Godwin One lesbian episode in an evening waster about Carnival. The Rise of Simon Lachaume. Dutton, ; hcr as part of the trilogy The Curtain Falls , Scribner One episode in lengthy novel of a French family involves the duping of an elderly roue by a pair of young lesbians.

    The Little Legs. Doubleday, Sad and devastating results from a long variant enslavement. Dutton, The last volume of now-famous tetralogy, just released, winds up all of the loose ends of the other three. The lesbian element is minor, but all four novels are excellent. The Naked Storm. More Deaths than One. Julian Messner , pbr Signet Mannish woman defending effeminate husband against charge of rape by kidnapping his victim and hiding her out, goes through a nervous breakdown involving a morbid and macabre attachment to the girl; horrible.

    Sling and the Arrow.

    The American Thriller

    Creative Age , hcr Sun Dial n. Queer Affair. Dancer Draga moves in with mannish Jo, runs into complications when she tries to desert Jo for a man. Evening waster but very good nevertheless Among the Daughters. Coward McCann, Autobiographical novel of a girl who, like the author, finally becomes a dancer and choreographer. A good deal of space is devoted to a friendship between Lucy and another girl; the story is tinged with variance but never explicit.

    All My Sins. Wyn, The Horizontal Man. Harper , pbr Pocket Books Offbeat psychological murder mystery. Strange are the Ways of Love. Love among the guitar-playing, folk-songing beatniks, with the lesbians playing Musical Beds. Halo in Brass. Bobbs-Merrill , pbr Bantam Hardboiled detective story; private eye Paul Pine is hired to locate runaway girl with no boy friends and many girl friends.

    Suspenseful, nice way to spend not waste a lazy evening. John Day, Alraune is Evil incarnate—symbol of the Mandrake Root, destroying love in everyone with whom she comes in contact, bringing out their innate evil. Among those destroyed by Alraune are a pair of lesbian lovers.

    High-quality fantasy, unfortunately rare and rather expensive. The 21 Inch Screen. Doubleday , pbr Signet TV bigshot Rex Lundy has woman trouble—his wife, his mistress, and his teen-age daughter. Excellent modern fiction. The Glass Play Pen. Rich girl loses her parents, loses her money, and turns expensive call girl. One lesbian episode, treated with tenderness and sympathy. Bramton Wick. Cozy little story of cozy little English village, including two maiden ladies who have lived together for many years. Someone to Love. Messner , pbr Popular Library, The Sign of the Ram.

    London, Philadelphia, The Blakiston Co, Sherida comes as companion-secretary to crippled Leah, passionately adored by her whole family including sixteen-year-old Christine. The Flower Beneath the Foot. Despised and Rejected. London, C W Daniel, Lesbian incidents in a novel which is, however, mainly about persecution of Conscientious Objectors in World War I. Not Now but NOW.

    Viking Novel of an ageless, ruthless woman. A long episode on a college campus is lesbian in emphasis. The Darkness and the Deep. Vanguard, , fco, a novel of the Stone Age. Both of these are fast-moving mysteries, in Mediterranean setting, both involving lesbian characters. Classic French Novel in many editions and translations. A very long novel of a Babylonian High Priestess; some psychological and literary authorities consider it variant.

    Desperate Asylum. Predictably the marriage is unsuccessful, ending in murder and suicide. Strange Sisters , pbo Lion Library , pbr Pyramid Take me Home. Monarch Books, pbo All three of these books, though anti-lesbian in bias, are very well and slickly written, and entertaining. Duell, Moon Magic. London, Aquarian Press, , fco. Fascinating, funny novel of a modern sorceress and an inhibited, bad-tempered doctor. It is implied that his marriage failed because his wife, a hysteric shamming invalidism, prefers being cosseted by her faithful companion to reassuming marital duties.

    Strange Marriage. The Farringdons. Three intense variant attachments by a motherless girl under twenty, which subside when she falls in love with a man. Intimate Story. A novel by the author of the popular Claudia series. Dial , pbr Berkley Books , , The Dark Mother. The Revolt of Jill Braddock. Monarch Books Male and female homosexuality in a ballet company, with Jill in the middle. The Heart in Exile. Coward McCann , pbr Lion , m. Because of courageous approach to the basic problem of relations between the homosexual and his family, this story of a young homosexual in an unconventional household deserves shelfspace everywhere.

    A Shot in the Dark. Little, Brown , pbr tct The Ways of Desire. Popular Library Complex, fast-moving adventure story, involving a great number of lesbians.

    The House in the Mulberry Tree. Random House, Sensitive story of a girl of eleven, fascinated by an innocently appealing neighbor, a married woman. The mother, observing, innocent caresses between the two, separates them. Mademoiselle de Maupin. Many editions, including Modern Library, n. Classic novel of lesbianism. The Maids. Grove Press qpb Offbeat existentialist drama; involuted love among women.

    Generic Innovation and Social Change in the 1970s

    The Establishment of Madame Antonia. Liveright, Light entertainment about inhabitants of a high-class European bordello, including a young recruit protected by an older woman. Minor and subtle homosexual overtones in a novel of jazz musicians. The Temple of Gold. Knopf , pbr Bantam , m minor fco. The Catafalque. Rinehart , The Orient Express.

    Doubleday , pbr Bantam Trainful of mixed adventurers includes a lesbian between girl-friends but still trying. Winged Citadel. Holt, , m. Brief but very explicit homosexual interlude in a fine historical novel of Crete and the Bull-dancers. A Florida Enchantment. Home Pubs Children of the Stone Lions.

    Putnam An important lesbian character in a novel which has had good reviews. First published, ; now in print in Five Novels of H. Rider Haggard, Dover Press, Strange, romantic, and quite in a class by itself. Wind Woman. Sad, sad, sad story of the psychoanalysis of a young lesbian such as was never seen on sea or land. Harmless and nitwitted The Well of Loneliness. Many editions, some cheap hcr Sun Dial ed, still in print, n. The classic first novel of a lesbian, written soon after WWI. Stephen Gordon, male in physique, temperament and character, seeks for lasting love and some measure of acceptance from a rejecting world.

    The Unlit Lamp. Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself. Harcourt, Brace A lesbian finds her true destiny after a lifetime of serving her country. Overtones of science fiction. A Saturday Life. London, Falcon Press, orig. An attempt at farce, not overt anywhere. Corpus of Joe Bailey. Viking , Permabooks , m. Also contains a pathetic pair of lesbians, one camouflaging her true leanings by pretending to be the campus whore. Desperate Remedies. Brief but relevant episode in a novel by a classic English novelist. The Wayward Ones.

    variant films

    An absolute MUST book—on the other side. The Golden Jungle. Doubleday , pbr Berkley Brittle novel about a wall street banker; his beautiful wife is a lesbian, but he naively believes her faithful because she prefers the company of women. Demands of the Flesh. Newsstand Library pbo, Ellen, a young widow suffering from physical frustration, goes through a period of promiscuity involving several men and a brief affair with a lesbian, Nita. Oddly enough for this sort of borderline-risque stuff, the lesbian character is well and realistically drawn; realizing that Ellen is basically normal, she helps keep her on an even keel until she remarries.

    Good of kind. Three Women. Good and sympathetic story of a young girl involved with a basically decent older woman, a lesbian, Byrne. Unfortunately Byrne is deeply involved with, and obligated to, her Insane cousin Greta, and the affair ends in tragedy, leaving young Paula to marry her faithful boy friend. Excellent of kind. The Obsessed. Newstand Library Magenta Books, Evening waster—almost scv. It should be noted that some paperback publishers insist on a specified number of sex scenes, and in such a book as this one can almost hear the weary sigh with which the author abandons his story, which is going well, and stops everything for another measured dose of sexy writing for the nitwit audience.

    The Sensualists. Messner, , pbr Dell A great deal of advance publicity built this up to a best-seller. Highly sensational shock-stuff; a supposedly happily-married woman discovers her husband is having an affair with a singer, Liza. When she comes in contact with Liza, however, she realizes that Liza is a lesbian, having affairs with men for camouflage purposes, and is soon herself captivated by Liza.

    From here events build up to highly shocking climaxes, including a ghastly murder. Not to be read after dark. A rumor of lesbianism unfounded wrecks a school, and the lives of the women who own and manage it. Women in Prison. Doubleday , pbr Permabooks Print Length Seiten.

    I can't wait for the next book to come out. It has deleted scenes that never made it into the book, editing notes, and author interviews. I wanted to give you the reader an inside look into what a book goes through. All the sections in italics are scenes that were cut or taken out, and they are unedited. Beautiful wife, loving daughter, and a high paying job in New York City. But when his family are killed in a accident he must reinvent himself. A year later in the midst of putting his life back together, Mark finds out that his family was killed and it was No accident.

    Mark will stop at nothing to hunt down the men responsible for the death of his family and what he finds will change his life forever. Kirk Weston is a Detroit detective. He hates his job, his ex-wife, and his life.

    He is hand selected to help the FBI on a high profile case and just when he thinks things could not get any worse They do. It kept me turning one page after the other at a fast pace.