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The Upper Palaeolithic revolution in global perspective: papers in honour of Sir Paul Mellars : Gabunia, L. Anton, D.

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Weiss, I. Processing of wild cereal grains in the Upper Palaeolithic revealed by starch grain analysis. Nature Ronen, A. Oxford: Archaeopress. Rose, J.

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Usik, A. Marks, Y.

West Asia: Paleolithic

Hilbert, C. Galletti, A. Parton, J. Geiling, V. Richter, T. Garrard, S. Interaction before agriculture: exchanging material and sharing knowledge in the final Pleistocene Levant. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 21 1 : 95— Shea, J. Journal of World Prehistory 17 4 : Valla, F. The first settled societies — Natufian 12,, BP , in T. Further Reading Akazawa, T.

Neanderthals and modern humans in western Asia. New York: Plenum Press. Akazawa, T. Neanderthal burials: excavations of the Dederiyeh Cave, Afrin, Syria. Auckland: KW Publications Ltd. Every year we manage to collect another piece of the puzzle, but we are still so far from having the pieces we need for a solid idea of how our species evolved.

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