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This post contains affiliate links, this means at no extra cost to you, we make a commission from sales. Please read our Disclosure Statement. What could self-sufficiency mean for you where you are?

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It could mean a lot of different things. This means being self sufficient could mean growing all of your own food, or it could mean that you have amazing self reliance skills and live in the suburbs. Below is a list of 10 self sufficiency skills that you can pick and choose from to start working on to become more self reliant.

See a Problem?

Pick one skill and work on that first, once you have that up and running, add a second skill. In this uncertain economic time, the price of food continues to rise. There have been a lot of food recalls recently as well. Knowing where your food comes from helps to keep your family both fed, and healthy. Every little bit counts — raise some plants on your window sill or go hunting or fishing in the weekend.

Growing a garden , raising chickens for eggs and raising meat rabbits can all be done in a small yard, and with some creative self reliant thinking, you can even raise eggs and meat in apartments by keeping quail. When you grow something, you know what is in or on it. You can be organic, free range and pasture fed, without the price tag. We pay for convenience.

That 99c bread you buy? That plumber you paid to fix a leaking tap? Any food that comes in a packet? Guess what, you could make it from scratch for a fraction of what the shop charges you, and you will know what is in it! Embracing the a frugal, self sufficient way of living will help to relieve the burden on your finances. If you want to save so me cash and pay off some debt, homesteading is for you! When we have children, it is our job to prepare them to cope with whatever may come in life.

What Is Homesteading?

Training our children to provide for themselves is a lesson in independence, responsibility and self reliance. Also digging in the dirt is good for you! It helps with self-esteem, and general relaxation and feelings of well-being. Remember there are no rules about what makes you self sufficient. Anyone who is taking charge of their food sources and providing for themselves qualifies!

Going Off the Grid – How to Make Your Home Self-Sufficient

This is true whether you are in the city, on a quarter acre or on a hundred acres. What defines self sufficiency or self reliance for you? Do you want to move to a bigger plot of land, or have you got what you want now?

Build Your Own Tiny Home

Be realistic about your current property and its capacity. If you want to move, there are so many things you can be doing in the meantime to learn and prepare for a bigger homestead. Meanwhile, here are a few things that you can do where you are even if you have a small backyard. My advice is to start small, one thing at a time. If you are planning out your property, have a look at our permaculture planning article , it will help you work out what to put where at your place. The very foundation of providing your own food is gardening.

If you want a more in depth, vastly more helpful option for growing all your own vegetables — you really should do our Productive Gardener course. We show you exactly how to grow your own veggie garden, and walk through with you for your whole first year of growing. I always try to use heritage breeds of plants. Heritage plants are higher in nutrients and are better tailored to growing in different environments. Growing heritage varieties means that you can keep your own seeds, so you are not reliant on buying seeds each year.

Growing vegetables from seed is the best way to get heritage plants, and the cheapest option as well. They are a family based, multigenerational, real deal company. In New Zealand I have bought many seeds from Carol , she is great to deal with, and Kings Seeds has a range of heritage seeds too. Community gardens are one option, but so is hooking up with someone who might loan you some land.

Get creative. Grow planter boxes on your balcony or windowsill. Set up a veggie plot amongst your flower garden. Just do something! Get in on the super seasonal specials as they come up and buy in bulk. I bought 15kg 30lb of tomatoes and made salsa, canned tomatoes and HUGE amounts of my delicious tomato ketchup. Find someone with apple trees and learn how to make Apple Cider and then how to use it. Read our self sufficiency guide to pressure canning vegetables here.

You can also safely pressure can meat, stocks and milk. This will save space in your freezer and reduce your reliance on electricity. The All-American is initially expensive and it weighs a lot but it has no parts that need replacing.

The Presto is less expensive and more lightweight can be used on ceramic cooktops but it has rubber gaskets that need replacing occasionally. Those are the only essential differences and both are great canners. I have the Presto and I love it. They even shipped to NZ for me! Dehydrating, pickling, wine-making, Lacto-fermentation, curing — there are many other ways to preserve food. I do not recommend freezing as a reliable preservation method unless you are running it on renewable energy. You cannot rely on electricity in a storm or other such brown-stuff-hits-the-whirly-thing events and you risk losing your whole freezer full of food.

Along with preserving your food, cooking from scratch is one of those self reliant things you can do even in a city apartment.

Self-sustainability - Wikipedia

You can start perfecting your cooking skills right now. Learn how to make sourdough from scratch , even making your own sourdough starter. Get some good, homestyle from-scratch dinner recipes under your belt like our pork carnitas. Be warned — chickens are the gateway drug to homesteading animals. They are little, easy to care for and are very productive.

You can raise a few chickens in the smallest urban yard, or you could raise hundreds on open pasture and sell the eggs or meat. The individual can even make other changes to become more of an urban homesteader like converting to solar energy and canning and storing food. In this society many persons are seeking viable solutions to keep within their budget, or even to lower their current budget.

This is one of the best methods that you can use to be able to cut the ever-rising costs. This text gives some great tips on how this can be achieved. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 37 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Jun 01, Courtney rated it did not like it. I thought this was the dumbest book ever, to the point where I literally created the book here on Goodreads just to share how stupid this book is. I read about half of it which took me all of 10 minutes or something.

Homesteading - self sufficiency - Backyard greenhouse aquaponics overview

What's funny is if you look on Amazon. I don't get it. So glad I got this for free. The author knows about zilch I thought this was the dumbest book ever, to the point where I literally created the book here on Goodreads just to share how stupid this book is. The author knows about zilch about being self sufficient and homesteading. Her instructions for starting to grow your own food are to make a list of seeds and tools you will need she is quit pushy about making a list and actually goes into short detail about why you need a list - bizarre!

That's your information on growing your own food?