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Yeshua Church New York

Bringing the Gospel to the world is the perfect gift of restoration, healing and salvation. During the Press Release, Pastor Benjamin shared some word of encouragement on how the program works in the community. They are now preparing for the actual community work in the future. They also received some medical equipment and materials.

Our main event will focus on our local church members and friends who may be willing to support us on this program. The community work will take place after the winter season. It will be attended by hundreds of WMF faithful members - pastors from different churches around the world.

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Pastor Benjamin and his wife will join the convocation as the official delegates of Yeshua Church New York. Youth Fellowship in April during Spring. The program will be an indoor activity and will focus more on spiritual enhancement and building closer relationship with one another. The them will be "Toward Christian Maturity. This course will run up to 12 straight weeks. It is a Biblical Theology and guarantees an in-depth exploration on the Bible and our Christian faith. Summer is here and summer is fun at Yeshua Church New York!

We provide summer activities such as retreat, camping, barbecues and flea Market! Click here for more information. This time it is going to be Jonah and the big fish! You may also send your email at yeshua yeshuaworldwide. The Articles of Faith. We are a Bible based Christ centered Church.

Variants of major statements from different sources compared

We teach what the Bible says. Biblical Library. In this section, you will find some helpful tools and resources to help you discover more about God's Word.

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The claims of pagans and occultists are irrelevant. One must produce the evidence from Scripture that God commands a specific spelling or pronunciation. By the reasoning of those cited, differing pronunciations of the same word are unacceptable. Their theory shows a woeful lack of understanding regarding the functioning of human language. Regarding the second question, there are well over 5, Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, some dating back close to the first century. There is a mountain of evidence from historical and religious writers in the early centuries of Christianity that record the linguistic state of affairs at the time.

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Once again, where is the evidence that the New Testament was originally written in a language other than Koine Greek? The evidence does not exist. It is true that Jesus probably spoke Aramaic while He was on Earth.

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But God the Holy Spirit chose to communicate the divine will via the most common, prominent language of the day: Koine Greek. Acts 6. In fact, most of the quotes of the Old Testament found in the New Testament are from that version. When people postulate an imaginary Aramaic New Testament that lies behind the Greek New Testament that we have, they are merely speculating without solid, sufficient evidence—which they are under obligation to produce. Why did God not see to it that it was preserved and passed down to us?

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This book is about the power of God using the bad to make it good and how someone can be completely transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, the holy anointing, and blood of our Lord and savior Jesus A Labyrinth of Words. An interplay of ideas, a collaboration of experiences, a pool of thought, and A Labyrinth An interplay of ideas, a collaboration of experiences, a pool of thought, and A Labyrinth of Words.

What was the name of Jesus? Yeshua, Yashua, or Y'shua?

Authored by V. Wills, this book presents a selection of poetry written with uncommon poise. Here, Wills presents her writing prowess as Needless Scorn. Needless Scorn is a book of poems about castration. Needless Scorn is a borrowed title Needless Scorn is a borrowed title from Aphra Behn. The poetry talks about America and youth. The denial of youth is the trepidation of conservative years.

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